November 12, 2013

I’m searching for ways in which to express intimacy, as a couple are want to do, within a cuckolding relationship. 
I find great need in the physical connection of sex, fucking especially. Sharing and allowing access of our physical selves with another person who on the same level solidifies a “partnership”, to me at least. 

I will be honest, the lack of physical equality with my husband is one of the two biggest stumbling blocks I encounter in cuckolding and there have been times I have felt a distance that radiates into all part of our life together. 

There are a few options I can see; to refocus the intimacy elsewhere or to have “time out” periods.
As hubby’s sexuality plays out in his head mostly I fear that “time out” option would be too jarring, therefore I’m looking for help in finding the intimacy I crave in other ways.

I have found, through various other blogs, that some cuckoldresses will “allow” sex, say, anal sex, so as to be “practiced” for her bull. Another imaginative escapade is for her cuck to provide himself as a helper in order for her to be photographed in suggestive ways to send to her bull. 

Of course there is always the good ol’ fashioned oral sex, face sitting and pussy servicing. This is not my favourite activity so poor hubby isn’t utilized nearly as often as he would love to be. 

Do you, faithful followers, internet-land inhabitants, have any other suggestions? Commiserations? Stories?

Until then, 



Hello again!

November 5, 2013

I know, I know. My bad.

I’d prefer to be a tad more eloquent in apologizing for my disappearance but I’m still recuperating from being ridden hard and put away happy. Same guy, Alex. God, he’s good.

A few major turning points have occurred since I last posted. The husband and I made a conscious decision to include each other in all our play. A particularly difficult proposition for me because I’m selfish that way but I also recognize that there are many different ways to include a cuckold 😉

We also talked about intimacy. This will have to be a separate post as I feel it’s a rather large topic that hits homes for me and probably a lot of other cuckold couples.

When Alex came over today Hubby was in his lace jock strap and nothing else. He was allowed to lay on the floor and quite enjoyed me straddling his face as I enjoyed 10″ of thick goodness 😉


Until next time! (sooner than later)




Swollen, Sore and The Running of the Bulls

March 12, 2013

In a good way. The kind of way that makes you grin and giggle, for days, every time you stand up and your hips protests because you’re pretty sure they were nearly dislocated from a fuck so good you never wanted it to end. Or, the first bath you take when the hot water washes over your swollen and abraded vagina, again, from a fuck so good you never wanted it to end.
Not only that but he brought me flowers.

Now that I’ve met a fantastic bull I’m not as focused on finding out what makes a good one but I still think it’s a good discussion topic.
Even what makes a good cuckold or…wife? What’s the term for the wife? Why do I not know this!
Or are the definitions too subjective? Personally, I think there’s enough of a common thread running through each persona/role to make for fine list of qualities including the variations that each of us desire.

I’ve had the good fortune of having a few conversations lately with men interested in what bulls were and whether they fit the profile or not. This leads me to believe I should put out a set of guidelines. What do you think?
I’m sure people would love to contribute 😉

Until next time!

A very sore and happy,


Question to myself

February 16, 2013

Am I having too much sex?
It really is a high, like drugs, good movies or food.

Between Wednesday’s fuck of the century, tonight’s boyfriend sleepover and tomorrow’s all-night 4-way with my favourite couples I might be flirting with “too much”.

I guess it’s how you quantify and define your limits. I’d have to put the needs to shave and to allow the swelling to come down in my much plundered vagina on the list. Oi!

Ha ha, I’m not complaining about anything, except maybe ingrown hairs 😉



I Think I Fucked a Unicorn

February 16, 2013

He messaged me.
Sounded good.
We met for dinner.
He was the first man I’ve ever talked to that really “got” cuckolding.
Do you know how much of a relief that is? It means I don’t have to be on guard making sure my husbands needs are truly met, I don’t have to do all the topping.
As it turned out, the next day in fact, I had some of the best sex I think I’ve ever had in my life. Hubby had the best cuckolding experience he’s ever had.
Holy fuck, I think we won the lottery.
So, yah, that happened.




an intro scenario

February 9, 2013

“While cuckoldry is a fairly specific description, like most things in life, there is an infinite number of variations on that theme.”

I was corresponding with a potential playmate in our scenario (see what I did there? I avoided the use of the word “bull”) and the above was something he mentioned before asking what my ideal scene would be. That’s a good question.

I don’t have an ideal scene because I haven’t explored all the different variations on the theme but I do have an ideal intro scenario.

My priority is to establish an agreement of trust and respect with the men in the room. Until I feel comfortable knowing my dh won’t be actually disrespected or degraded I remain vigilant and can’t relax into back arching orgasms.

With that in mind I prefer first times to be fairly simple. Me and my new playmate wrestling in the sheets while Richard watches from the corner, maybe naked, maybe not, maybe being reminded of what’s happening and why, maybe not, but definitely being helpful by fetching whatever is needed, be it water, hot towels, more lube etc.

This scene allows me to get a feel for comfort levels, natural inclinations and compatibility.
From there the next scene is tailored to suit all involved and if things are simpatico the sky is the limit really!

What’s your favourite scene? Or, what’s your favourite intro scenario?




January 24, 2013

I’m looking for a Bull. Or am I?

What is a “Bull”?
I found this definition from Cuckoldmarriage.info to be quite useful:


Some find the term offensive, focusing only on the implied reference to an animal, but if you consider the role of a bull in agronomy, you’ll earn a greater appreciation for the term. Among livestock, the bull has a singular purpose: mating with the females. This role lends itself well to cuckolding where the ‘bull’ is invited into the marriage to perform a singular role of sexually servicing and being serviced by, the cuckold’s wife. Bulls and Doms can coexist for the same couple quite well as each have a slightly different focus to their roles.

I especially agree with the separation of a Bull and a Dom (even though they can be the same person) because I don’t want a dom.
I’m a domme. I want an equal.

My husband on the other hand wants to see me with an Alpha Male to fulfill the humiliation aspect. This is important because if he doesn’t feel submissive to the male I’m sleeping with then he’s not really being cuckolded, is he? He’s just being a good poly husband. My husband gets his rocks off from knowing another man is besting him, not from knowing his wife is.

This is interesting because out of all the people I know, I am the most Bull-like. The fact that I’m a woman unfortunately negates the effect I produce on cuckolds 😦
I get off knowing I’m fucking another man’s wife and I like to think I’m doing a better job of it, so much so that I will go out of my way to let them know while in flagranti 😉

My task this month was to come up with the wording for what I’m looking for so that I can avoid, as much as possible, being inundated with offers from men to “fuck me like the deserving slut I am while my sissy husband watches”. Please, no. Wrong tree to bark up.

I’d much prefer a response along the lines of “I’d like to wrestle you between the sheets while pointing out to your sissy husband that he needs to thank me for taking care of his duties that he’s obviously unable to keep up.”
That would be hot.

Maybe that’s exactly what I have to say….