Where to start….

January 23, 2007

I still have trouble considering myself part of a cuckold couple, so to speak. I’m not sure why, I know I have an aversion to the word “cuckold” to begin with. I hear the word “old” and harsh sounds surrounding it. Even though that statement is completely accurate it still masks the underlying issue, I have trouble with the idea of abasement and humiliation.

My partner is golden to me, he’s beautiful, strong, sure of himself, intelligent, enlightened and has a great….er…..package.
It somehow seems inherently wrong to disparage all that. I do, however, acknowledge and understand that the reason why he’s able to accept the humiliation and sexualize it is because it’s not true. If he really was an unskilled lover the cruel remarks I make would hit too close to home and be, well, cruel.

That being said I’m still finding my feet. I am a dominant woman by nature who enjoys physically overpowering my partners and taking what I want as opposed to asking for it. I am sexually aggressive and can give as good as I get but I’m also sensitive to my partners emotions, the health of our relationship, my part in it and the consequences of my actions.

I really had to wrap my head around sleeping with other men while in a committed relationship, it goes against everything I know to be true for morally correct marriages. I mean, isn’t that what cheating is?? How can it not be hurtful??
Beautiful assures me it’s not.

And, honestly, I love having sex with other skillful lovers with gorgeous, thick cocks and magic fingers. I feel like a cat with a bowl of cream after she’s had her salmon dinner.

Which begs the question, is this too good to be true?



  1. Nicely said…. The predicament… that we are all in

  2. Thanks for stopping by

  3. I think that you echo my wifes sentiments perfectly

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