Hubby’s Point of View

January 25, 2007

A few posts down my beloved says she has a hard time humiliating me. I understand that. Yet at the same time she forwards me the personal ads of the guys she’s interested in. Why? She said she doesn’t want to do any of the work in making the connections and meeting times.

That all started when I asked her if she wanted a massage. She jumped at the answer with “Sure!” So I asked if I could post an ad online looking for a man to give my lady a massage. She said OK but she might want ‘the extra’. We all know what the ‘the extra’ is in massage parlor talk right? Well I got hard at the thought of her getting so relaxed at the hands of a skillful masseuse that she would give her body to him.

After posting the ad I got a lot of responses and I passed the ones I thought she would like onto her to which she sent back a ya or nay. I contacted them, made all the arrangements, refreshments, babysitting etc..lets get back to right now.

That worked out so well she now cruises through the M4F ads and forwards the ones she likes on to me asking to connect with them on her behalf.

“Hi, My wife would like to meet you so you and her can have some fun NSA…”

Tell me that’s not humiliating. right. Ask me if I like it. You bet I do.

The only issue now is most men looking for sex are not Bulls. In other-words, they have no idea what a cuckold relationship is. They feel weird the husband might know let alone be in the same house so they don’t respond. She’s a knockout to look at too. In the mean time I get to have fun asking men to do my wife.

So for the women who are somewhat hesitant about humiliating or cuckolding the husband but are looking for safe ways to enter into this arena, try sending your man some personal profiles of guys you’d imagine yourself with. Especially the ones with pictures of the guy. That’ll send them over the edge for a while.

Correct me if I’m wrong guys.


  1. I get the part where most men dont know about the cuckold experience….

  2. But I’m betting if she put an ad up saying she was a MWF that wants a discrete affair because hubby doesn’t measure up, there would be lots of responses. hey, wait a minute – not a bad idea….

  3. You are right!

  4. There are many variations on this theme. In all of them, the husband (cuckold) aids and abets his wife’s infidelity in some manner. In our case, I keep my wife supplied with condoms for her lover’s use.

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