January 31, 2007

I’m nervous about meeting other couples with the same kink interest, cuckolding. I’m not sure I am what people assume would be a typical “cuckoldress”. I don’t like to pull my partner along on a leash, I don’t like to show the public his subservience to me. I definitely don’t call him “sissy” or other disrespectful terms.
Cuckolding to me is another form of power exchange play. I like to use it to assert my dominance and my assertion usually takes place over control of his body. Cuckolding is an extension of that desire, belief and action.

Part of my dominance is letting him know that I wouldn’t be wasting my time with him if I didn’t think him a worthy person to spend my time on. A worthy person is someone who is as strong as me, who can challenge my power and allow me to prove my authority.
I like that people see him as the strong individual he is. It’s too easy to topple jellyfish, there’s no bragging rights in that 😉

So I guess you can say I like the subtlety.

So being subtle, how do I relate to others who openly humiliate their partners as their expression of cuckolding? Whodisplay their governance openly, in what I deem vulgar, ways?

I guess when you get down to it it’s about having sex with another man that defines the fetish, no? and that is something we can talk about, because you see..this couple we’re going to meet knew about us because both she and I sleep with the same man.

I’m not sure how I feel about that..

One comment

  1. A cuckold is a guy that gets turned on by his woman wanting to have sex with other men. Being pussy whipped is being outmatched. The cuckold test is for the woman to start mildly teasing her guy and then touching him saying she needs something bigger and if he gets hard and stays hard, bingo! She’s in the drivers seat! The old meaning was the guy who has a cheating wife, but that can happen to any guy. It will
    turn some guys psycho and maybe these guys are cuckolds in denial?

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