Other real couples

February 4, 2007

I’ve met a lot of dominatrix types who have done cuckolding as part of their play and I have met women who just like to have sex a lot but I have never met just a regular couple like us who stumbled upon and then decided to grab a hold of cuckolding. Meeting with another cuckolding couple was a great idea it turns out. They are a young and handsome pair who have been married for eight years. They are easy to talk to and we asked each other lots of questions. It was sort of like coming across a survivor of the same shipwreck on a deserted Island. Each of us giving our accounts of the same story and finding out how different it is in some ways. We are considering doing this again. Next time we can organize more cuckold couples to show up.

Poppy, In her last post below said she thought the other woman in this couple was going to be some kind of dominant, husband beating person “Who displays her governance openly”. This was not the case. In fact Poppy was more of a dominant spouse then she was.
On other topics:

We notice this site gets lots of hits but few comments. Not a problem. Just interesting. I think it’s because we aren’t sexualizing the issue or creating titillating posts for the masses. Not that there is anything wrong with that. We wanted to offer a site different than what’s already out there. We don’t know who’s reading but it’s a good way for us to get stuff out.

The site is going to have a name change. Poppy doesn’t like “cuckold couple”. she says it’s too harsh and simple. She is thinking of something like “The Key, The Hubby, The Wife and her lovers”. I kind of like that. Do you have any names you want to offer? Here’s your chance to comment. 🙂


  1. I check back now and then to see what you’ve written. I find being cuckolded compelling too.

    As regards the name, how about “Turn of the Screw”?

  2. The Key is the name of a famous novel by Junichiro Tanizaki. It’s actually on the theme of cuckolding…but not chastity. Instead, it is the story of two shy people, who talk to each other by reading each other’s locked diaries…The key is the key to one of the diaries.

    Nice connection, no?


  3. Hi…I still live in the cuckold fantasy world with my wife. Hope to move our lifestyle into reality cukolding. In reading your blog, it is refreshing to hear your story unfold. You sound very sincere in your writing… Thanks

  4. Well, I read where you get a lot of hits and not much in the way of feedback on this blog. You should know, that I enjoyed discovering your blog so much today, that I decided to help change that.

    My wife and I have recently got a few things out in the open such has the fact that it turns me own to think of her “being” with other men. She came right out and asked me that recently during foreplay. I can’t say that I am into some of this “over the top” cuckolding as it is often addressed on the net, but I was very intrigued by the fact she wanted to make sure I wasn’t just saying that it turned me on so I could used it as an excuse to have sex with other women.

    She went on to say that she would not be comfortable “sharing” me, and would not want to swap with another couple because she thought that “would be just too weird”. However, when I asked her if she would have sex with other men, her eyes lit up and she enthusiastically replied that she would have no trouble with that.

    I look forward to reading more about your adventures

  5. I think it’s quite common for a wife to suspect initially at least that her husband wants an excuse to have sex with other women. She may also have concerns that he no longer finds her desirable. Getting past these suspicions and concerns is a necessary first step in going forward with cuckoldry.

  6. sono entrato per caso in questo blog…
    mi piacerebbe avere una prima esperienza con la moglie di qualcuno…farle la corte con delicatezza e discrezione..

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