February 13, 2007

and waning…

Sorry, not the hot stuff that helps rip out hair, though that can be rather hot, if it wasn’t so….esthetically necessary.
There is something about grooming that is done out of necessity that makes it unappealing to eroticism.
That’s not necessarily true, you can brush someone’s teeth as an action of humiliation or caring, however you want to play-out bodily control and surrender.
But teeth brushing, think of it!
Shaving on the other hand is quite hot. It’s a way for me to let my partner know I care about him the same way I care about my precious playthings. Remember growing up your mother always told you to take care of your things or else you’ll ruin them and won’t be able to play with them anymore? Or did you ever have a stamp collection (or any collection) that you handled with reverence and kept in pristine condition?

That’s how I feel when I shave my partner.

Lately I’ve lost my sexual appetite. It happens every now and then and it’s always a little distressing. Especially if your partner isn’t in sync, you must have some sympathy when they have hormones and raging hard-on’s coursing through their brains and all you do is roll over to sleep, catch up on more work or watch yet another episode of CSI.

This would be prime time to play with cuckolding. To remind him of his lack of prowess or his penis size. All I have to do is put it in his head, keep not having sex as I see fit and remind him every once in a while why he’s not getting any action (leaving out the part where you’re just *not* in the mood and replacing it with some sort of humiliating scenario, like perhaps you’ve already had too much sex with “Gary” or “Philip” and now you’re too sore/tired/satisfied to have sex with *him*)

This is the tradgedy of my case, I am not even interested in playing *le sigh*
It must mean I should cut down on work more, thus stress, and get my groove back….

Until then I’ll just offer to supply him with more vaseline and cum towels.


  1. I just found your blog. I am delighted to see other couples sharing their real-life experiences with the cuckold lifestyle.

    Most what anyone can find on the web concerning the cuckold lifestyle is what I would term “wank off” material. That stuff is quite disappointing. The lifestyle is much more than titilation and porno videos. A thoughtful exploration of the exchange of power between a loving couple is much more satisfying.

    Keep up your blog.


  2. That’s wonderful! I had never thought of that or heard anyone talk about that before. Another bennefit to the lifestyle.

  3. Hey guys,

    Thanks for commenting. It’s good to read that people are getting something out of our ‘real-world / regular-folk’ cuckolding.

    Yes, she has been busy. She is a very smart woman with a lot on the go right now. I help out where I can and let her know am available when she’s ready.

    We will be celebrating Valentines Day on Saturday

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