A Hitch

February 23, 2007

This weekend we’re going on a date, to a dungeon party to be exact, and for once, not one of our own.
I would like to bring along my own “date”, if you will, to include in our play but here’s the hitch.
I don’t know any kinky men I’d like to have sex with. It seems my choice of other men veers to the straight, vanilla variety.

And I really don’t feel like “enlightening” anyone who’s not involved in kink play by inviting them to a dungeon party.

I obviously need to expand my circles, keeping a black book (no pun intended) might not be such a bad idea!

Hmm, what to do, what to do……



  1. Hi,

    I hope you are able to find away to include a date, some of the most sought after situations for many cucks could become practical.

    Cuck restrained while watching sex, topping by either wife, bf or both, wife being topped by bf ( if into that) and forced cuck activities of all sorts.

    For me a private dungeon would be best as the public aspects of a play party might be quite limiting, but I am sure others more experienced with these parties might enjoy the publicness.

    GL with your black book!

  2. I was checking my stats, I see that your blog gets a lot of referral from my blog…. hope to see more of your writings…

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