She sucks…

March 13, 2007

head.jpg…in a good way. Only it’s been a long time since she’s sucked mine.

Now she’s talking about calling “Dave” so she can suck his cock. I think she likes to see me squirm. In fact, I’m beginning to believe seeing the look of longing in my eyes is just as exciting to her as going down on another guy. Then again I could be wrong and maybe going down on another guy IS all she’s thinking about. Whatever the case may be it is hard – very hard.

Tomorrow I am away all day. Wouldn’t you figure that tomorrow is the day she will have time to meet up with “Dave”. I must have looked sad at hearing the news that I wouldn’t be able to even watch so she said she would call me just before she unzips his fly. Oh the torment.


  1. hi couple,
    really good site design…hope to see more of your posts

  2. There is some debate on whether it’s more exciting to watch or wait. I think it’s the latter. Your imagination is more exciting than reality.

  3. I think I agree with you Andy especially if your in chastity all day like I was then. But leaving the house entirely? Being in the next room and hearing the sounds is very tormenting.

    Thanks for stopping by Laura. Hope to read more of your comments too 🙂

  4. That’s a good point. I guess there is a middle ground between watching and waiting, especially if (as was the case for you), you can hear at least some of what is going on in the next room.

  5. Andy…my Mistress’ favorite humiliation is making me blow her boyfriend. My Mistress doesn’t enjoy doing that and her boyfriends always expect it. As soon as dinner is ocmpleted, I serve them drinks and drop to my knees to blow her boyfriend that night. They always call me all kinds of degrading words like a cum hungry whore and a worthless sissy but it only makes me suck harder.
    SuzyQ “sissy housemaid”

  6. Found your blog yesterday. KUDOS! Very well put together and representative of what is truly out there today. I’m an experienced BULL. Have been playing with married couples (only) for the past 11 years. I travel on business so the opportunity presents itself often. You have my email address from this posting. My profile is at that same screen name if you have access to it. I’m married. Would like for you to keep that information private. Thank you!

  7. Hi Brian,

    We will send you an email. We couldn’t get into your profile for some reason so maybe shoot something back to us. Talk soon.

  8. Love your site!! I am trying to think of way to get my wife to cuckold me. I can’t think of anyway to start getting her to think about it…I would love any help! Also if you could reply by e-mail, that would be great!

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