March 14, 2007

Today I invited someone over for the sole purpose of wrapping my lips around their hard cock and satiating myself. I have *never* don’t anything like this before but I have to say, I loved it.

This was also the first time I didn’t question how my actions would affect my husband. I’m not sure if my role is to be selfish (one I’m a pro at) or I’m suppose to be doing it for hubby’s sake just as much as my own. That conundrum leaves me with a bit of worry.

However, I love the mindfuck of reminding hubby of his role as being submissive to me by humiliating him. I love it when he acknowledges my..control, my power. My ownership of his body and my own.

I also love being selfish and having the freedom to literally fuck whoever I want to. I have been given my own cake to eat as I please. How blessedly lucky is that??

Sucking another man’s cock reminds me how much I love my hubby but mostly it makes me feel like a queen who has the kingdom at her feet and in her control.



  1. im so envious of your choice to have this type of relationship. it fascinates me and i would love to give it a try but its just not in the cards for me.

    i am definitely enjoying this blog. =)

  2. just a quick one to say i really like your blog & will be spending more time here. is there big interracial cuckold scene in vancouver? go well, monkeyboi

  3. Hi.

    Love your update… although I just found it today… wonder if you’re still playing.

    I’ve been a bull for about 9 years now. I’ve had ongoing relationships with a few couples over that period and each of them was very different. Each hotwife has a different set of rules, as does the cuck of course.

    Although I have a regular couple right now it is a role I enjoy very much – as I only see them once a month I’m open to meeting new people if anyone in Vancouver BC should read this.


  4. If you and your wife ever need a buy you should get in contact with me. I am also in Vancouver and would love to take a your wife for a ride

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