March 17, 2007

Are you roleplaying a cuckold fetish or are you living a cuckold lifestyle?

What is required of the cuckold in terms of attitude, demeanor, actions? Are they suppose to be submissive qualities?
In our day to day life hubby and I live as equals but since truly “exploring” cuckold kink I’ve found that it’s easy to carry over to real life. With protocols in place other people don’t even notice or have to know. That and it’s easier for me to add denial to roleplay since I have a much lower sex drive. I can turn him down with some debasing words and it works out where I don’t have to have sex and he’s still getting a fulfillment of eroticism. Neat eh?

That being said I don’t want a submissive man all the time. Sex isn’t always about fulfilling kinky desires or physical release but about delving into our emotional ties and strengthening them. it’s an incredibly intimate act that has emotional, spiritual and physical ramifications.

So how do you separate the cuckold fetish/lifestyle, with the times you want to enjoy the time spent with your partner in sexual intimacy? As equals?

It’s a bit of a mind fuck (excuse the pun)…



  1. In our case, we are living a cuckold lifestyle without having completed the
    cuckolding yet. We do just about all the things many cuckold couples mention, she has permission, but has not found the opportunity to sleep with another.( hope it happens soon!)

    I am often denied and kept chaste, but sometimes things shift to the back burner, or we (mostly she) just forgets about it for a stretch.

    The few times that I have gone a really long time without any real sex and then finally we had regular sex, I felt some disappointment, like it would have been better to stay submissive for much longer. Ultimately it seems like I would prefer she reserved regular sex for boyfriends, and the longer the better.

    Is it true most of the males do not feel a great need for this role reverting?


  2. In our case, my wife gets most of her regular sex from her current lover. This works well for us since we both understand that keeping me largely denied intensifies the cuckold experience.

  3. In our case, we have only had sex one time this year. Tipically she has sex with a friend of ours a couple of times a week and is satisfied with that. We sleep togeather but no contact other than kissing. I jo when given permission by him which is pretty regular but has gone as long as 30 days. We did have sex a couple of months ago when she wanted it and he couldn’t come over. I must say that it left me feeling very used and unsure of myself.

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