March 18, 2007

The way I see it, if I’m calling you over for a booty call, you should be honoured. I’m married. I’m young. I know I have a great piece of ass. I can afford to be choosy. So if I’ve made the effort to get to know you and allow you all up inside me then you should display some common etiquette.

Don’t dis my husband, show some respect. I married him for a reason and he’s part of who I am.

Say thank you! Send an email, pick up the phone, god, you can even put a stamp on a card mail it but do it. You thank people who invite you over for dinner you should definitely thank people who invite you over for good, nsa sex.

If you want a booty call don’t just email me that day and expect me to come over that night when I haven’t heard a word from you in months. I don’t jump for anyone except my husband and that’s only when I decide I want to.

Don’t talk about your problems. Yes, we are intimate but I don’t know you well enough to really care what’s wrong with your life. I’m a good lay, not a sympathetic ear. If that’s what you want then let’s establish a relationship and be friends, I can do that but let’s get that out in the open. One or the other.

I can’t believe I actually have to write this down.  (I’m all kvetchy now, you should see me! I’m as worked up as a small dog let off her leash).



  1. Wholeheartedly agree, 100% – then again there is quite a bit of ignorance going around even in such a socially progressive city such as Vancouver…

    Great blog, kudos to both of you and forget the losers: life’s too short to waste time on them.

  2. I agree with you… people can be really stupid and inconsiderate….

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