Double Dating Cuckold Couples

March 22, 2007

We went out on a double date with J & K last weekend. The girls have shared a bull we know but that’s not all we talk about. Started with a nice dinner then a movie (300) and ended with coffee and chatting. It’s nice to have friends we can do things with who are familiar with our lifestyle – not that it is a lifestyle. What we do really doesn’t take up a lot of our time.

The girls are very different in what they are looking for in a man and how much they do or don’t dominate their partner openly and privately and its quite interesting to discuss that.

We all agreed and are interested still in creating a regular meeting of cuckold couples and bulls in our area for dinners and/or social gatherings. I know of at least one other couple who is interested in coming to dinner and have had coffee with him a number of times. Nice fellow.



  1. hey,
    here is your blog stats from my side
    cuckoldcouple.wordpress.com 16
    what abt you?
    just wondering?

  2. From various locations on your site (added altogether) we get 47 from you. – thanks 🙂


  3. I think the idea of creating a local “support group,” for lack of a better term, for cuckold couples and their male lovers, to meet, chat, socialize is a great idea. It doesn’t always have to be about hooking up at the end of the event–though if that happens, all the better.

    Great blog!

  4. It would be nice to know if there are other couples in our area, it feels like we’re the only people in the world into cuckolding sometimes.

  5. We would love to meet with another married, white, cuckold couple, local to us. We are in northern New Hampshire. It would be wonderful, to talk over dinner, about this wonderful lifestyle, and become good friends. After all, we all share our Wives, with other Men, and we cuckold couples, are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Our email address is, GoddessLela62@aol.com . Love, Irene and cuckold scott!!!

  6. I’d like to take a minute and say hello to all of the fantastic cuckold couples out there. I am a Bull that has been fortunate to have been involved in the past with a few select cuckold couples. I would welcome the opportunity to meet new cuckold couples from where ever you might be. I would love to correspond and meet new friends that love this lifestyle as much as I do. If you cuckold couples have any interest in becoming friends with a truly classy, intelligent and attractive Bull then I urge you to write Me and lets see where the journey takes us. You can reach Me directly at MichiganBull@aol.com

  7. We have been swinging and cuckolding for a long time and it works really well for us. We highly recommend it. We have our own blog at http://www.simonandlizzi.eu/blog

  8. Your article entitled “The Science of Cuckoldry” is entertaining as pornographic reading for those tiltillated by the subject of cuckolding, but as scientific research it is laughably inadequete. To suggest that the natural order of the relationship between the sexes is for the female to engage in extramarital sex while the male stays faithful lacks woefully in real-life evidence of such a preposterous conclusion, and your article does little to support such an absurd theory.
    First, your article cites many “studies”, yet offers no bibliographic reference to thes “studies”. Once such comical example is the “study” about primates, their ratio of penis size to body size, as related to the number of sexual partners. Who conducted this study? And how did they get the primates to hold still while someone held a ruler up to their penis to measure it?
    The article also refers to Victorian ladies journals that have been “recovered”, journals chronicling cuckolding practices during turn of the century. Again, no bibliographic reference is provided for these “journals”. Besides, cuckolding, as stated in your article, is to be an honest, mature way of maintaining stability in a relationship, whereas the supposed cuckolding of turn of the century times was based on deceit, manipulation, and even medical malpractice techniques, if one is to take these supposed “journals” at face value.
    Finally, anyone beyond the age of 16 realizes that any woman engaging in satisfying sexual relations with a man will naturally begin to form an emotional attachement to that man, and will naturally begin to lose respect and admiration for the man whom she is married to but not engaging in satisfying sex with. This will spell the end of the marriage. Your supposed sex therapy, again, if to be taken seriously, and that is pretty difficult given its documentation and the accompanying links on your website(BC sluts??), is quite obviously a sham, and your blog merely a source of comic entertainment. Congratulations.

  9. i am a bull in the milwaukee area looking for any couples mail me back at joekelley360@hotmail.com

  10. tom

    I’m all for letting people have their opinions especially in this case as the article was not written by either of us. There really isn’t much online in the way of serious cuckold material and we have written something on this fact. So our links and articles lack, I agree. However, I took offense to the “…your blog merely a source of comic entertainment.” line as we are writing about ourselves. What we write in our blog is real and we do it for no other reason than to be helpful. Because we learn from ourselves when we give to others.

  11. Cuckoldhusband:

    I must apologize as I meant to aim the comment you took exception to toward the article, not the blog. It is the article that I find lacking in any sort of serious evidentiary way. Sorry about that.


  12. any one in the milwaukee area looking for a bull mail me back

  13. http://cuckoldspace.net is a worldwide site free to join and free to contact all members, it is the hottest site on the web for cuckold couples, hotwife couples, slutwife couples and gangbang couples to find good bulls!

  14. I am an older (54) gentleman bull in the Minneapolis area interested in fulfilling fantasies of younger couples hoping to realize father fetishes (spanking , oral) email me at O_Catfish@hotmail.com

  15. My girlfriend came home with hand-marks i.e. actual finger prints or outlines, bruised into her inner thighs … I found these during oral sex with her… We played together before that but this was the first time intentionally cheating and shoving it in my face, so to speak… I still get a massive hard on when I think about it. My present girl is too conservative but I fantasize making friends with a neighbbour and us both having a go at her and then she takes him alone and doesn’t bother hiding it … what a slut I am.. 🙂

  16. Young Bull , age 23, 6ft tall, 65kg, looking for mature cpls to have fun,,, satisfaction guaranteed…buzz me on yahoo copperstone99@gmail.com

  17. Excellent website, and I’m happy to see that your “lifestyle” is not really 24/7. It’s great that you have a real relationship aside from your fun. 😉

    I have been a Mistress/Cuckoldress for most of my adult life (I’m in my mid-30’s now) and I have helped new Mistresses and new cuckolds via training. I no longer do in-person training because it was quite a bit time-consuming. However, I have created an online version of my training course for people. It is free to everyone (I use sponsors) too. If you would like to check it out, head over to http://www.cuckoldsupport.com

    Thank you for helping to support this community with your blog. It’s really great stuff!


  18. I have fantasy to watch my wife having sex with other male.
    any white matured male. respond
    sedusemywife at yahoo dot com

  19. My wife has agreed to cuckold me with black men and I am the happiest person on earth! We have been having problems finding the “right” guys and I don’t know what else to do to get the right people for her. We have posted on numerous cuckold websites, AFF and craigslist, but alas, no result. I don’t think we are being too picky; a nice gentleman, good looking, clean, educated and well hung.

    If anyone has any ideas on where else to look (we are not ready for clubs/mandingo parties) please let me know.


  20. We are an older couple,new to the lifestyle, living in NE Florida, we would be very interested in either joining or starting a group for cuckold couples of NE Florida to meet on a regular basis to discuss cuckolding and plan bi-monthly cuckold parties for the couples with pre-screened bulls either nominated by another couple or screened from a pool of applicants. If any couples might be interested or know of such a group please feel free to contact us.

  21. another seattle cpl here – wife has had several affairs which i encourage – i think we would both like to take this further.
    nice to know we’re not the one’s out there 🙂

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