Getting her ready to go

April 5, 2007

We are tying something new. I am to help get her ready, (see her post below). She has never had a guy request a certain attire and this is the perfect opportunity for her to tell me to help. I saw the picture he sent her and he’s right, she would look hot dressed in that, especially with her tattoos. (Pearl has lots of tattoos).

I think I should purchase the wardrobe for her so she can have Joe just the way she likes him – very hard. For now she found a little black dress and and asked me which boots she should wear. I chose the taller of the two and she told me to polish them.

It is excruciating  knowing she is not wearing underwear under her dress at his request.

She is over there now as I post this. Probably has his cock in hand, head bobbing up and down his shaft as he expands and gets ready to explode in her mouth. Oh the memory of what head used to be like. He is very lucky to have such a release when he asks. But he is such a sexy man, I can not blame her for having this kind of fun with him.

(editors note: This is Pearl taken moments ago)



  1. I’ve been following your blog for a little while now CH. Glad to see a new post and that Pearl has a new playmate.

    Very hot attire for Pearl, for sure. And the idea of getting one’s wife ready for a date is one of the most erotic turn-ons for me. I don;t count my self as a submissive, but something about serving her in that way, and one other way noted below that puts me in a head space. Is it like that for you too?

    Though my wife has not yet selected a lover, I do bathe and dress her when she goes out with friends. Sort of like practice. I’ve become something of an expert doing her nails too. Try it with Pearl. Women think of it as a small luxury….so long as you’ve got a steady hand.

    My wife keeps me in denial for various periods of time, but I still get the occasional BJ. Has Pearl cut you off completely? Hopefully yor getting some kind of release, even if it is on an occasional basis.

    Funny thing about orgasm denial huh? How it seemingly changes something in the brain chemistry of us men. Going one to two weeks with no orgasm, or even penetration is a sweet torture, but I do whatever Eve wants to earn it. Of course, Eve gets her oral fix from me as often as she wants.

    Keep the posts coming!



  2. I do see myself as submissive but it’s not an easy task for her to put me there because I lead a life that has me in a dominant role most times. She is the only one that can be my dominant and that’s a very special bond.

    She does my nails. She will give me a bath, do my nails, shave me and wash my hair. She likes to look after me like I am her toy. She likes the idea of pimping me out and doing this before I leave for my “receiver(s)”. This has not happened yet but she sends me ads written by couples looking for a third. She likes the idea of me being that third at her request.

    No Pearl has not cut me off completely but we seem to make sure I get less BJ’s than others – and sometimes intercourse too. Some times I am locked up and the only fucking going on is me taking it with her strap on where I am allowed to release. She will sometimes make the release humiliating giving me a handjob and pointing it at my face.

    I think and feel it would be a very pleasurable experience to go a solid month of denial with only milking, her strap-on and the very occasional humiliating handjob or masturbation as release while she had a few lovers to keep her satisfied.

  3. I’m not qualified to comment on the cuckoldry aspects of your post, CH .. but I do feel able to comment on Pearl’s photograph. And like Alex, I think she looks absolutely fabulous…


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