cuckolding vs. interracial fetishes

April 12, 2007

I was introduced to the idea of cuckolding in 11th grade English Lit class, Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to be exact.
Fast forward, oh, enough years, and my husband tells me about this fantasy of his aptly called “cuckolding”.

As you can see I took to it quite well, helped along by my propensity to be dominant and selfish 🙂

I did have to reconcile what I knew about cuckoldry with what was now a popular fetish and so I took to the internet.
What I found at first was not much, thankfully nowadays there’s more awareness to require and accomodate more sites devoted to our little kink (no pun intended).

But what I do find now is that almost every picture of “cuckolding” features an African-*insert country* man having sex with a caucasian woman. This confuddles me.
Ok, I get the part where you humiliate your husband for being inadequate and there is a stereotype that black men have bigger cocks but what strikes me is that this kink may not be anthropological by nature as studies such as Sperm Wars suggests but based more on geographical culture.

I’d almost go so far as to suggest it’s primarily an “American” fixation since racial tension amongst African Americans and Caucasian Americans still runs rampant.*

Whatever the reason, personally, I don’t have “jungle fever” but I am a size queen (mmm, big cock!), just for the record 😉


*Up here in Canada we have our own culture appropriation but it’s Asian


  1. Been enjoying your blog for a while now and I would have to agree with you on this one. Cuckold in some areas of the world, mainly the US, seems to be synonymous with interracial sex. I’ve have always felt slightly uncomfortable with this view of cuckolding. In my opinion cuckolding is all about the humiliation and whenever I read about this type of scenario one thought flashes through my mind. “So, to you the ultimate humiliation would be your wife sleeping with a person of (usually) African descent rather than you?”. I’m sure that many of couples involved in this type of niche cuckolding would vehemently protest that they aren’t racists and I wouldn’t disagree with them, but I can’t help feeling that there’s something not quite right about it all.

    • Well, I think one definition of racism is putting down ANOTHER race, not one’s own race.

  2. The problem as I see it is that most people that use race as a basis for selecting partners may have cuckold fetishes but they also are more inclined to the Hot wife fetish. Regardless of what they say people who see sex with a BBC as being more of a means for achieving the title of Slut than that of a big cock of any other race is racist.

  3. Two new studies show why some people are more attractive for members of the opposite sex than others.

    The University of Florida, Florida State University found that physically attractive people almost instantly attract the attention of the interlocutor, sobesednitsy with them, literally, it is difficult to make eye. This conclusion was reached by a series of psychological experiments, which were determined by the people who believe in sending the first seconds after the acquaintance. Here, a curious feature: single, unmarried experimental preferred to look at the guys, beauty opposite sex, and family, people most often by representatives of their sex.

    The authors believe that this feature developed a behavior as a result of the evolution: a man trying to find a decent pair to acquire offspring. If this is resolved, he wondered potential rivals. Detailed information about this magazine will be published Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

    In turn, a joint study of the Rockefeller University, Rockefeller University and Duke University, Duke University in North Carolina revealed that women are perceived differently by men smell. During experiments studied the perception of women one of the ingredients of male pheromone-androstenona smell, which is contained in urine or sweat.

    The results were startling: women are part of this repugnant odor, and the other part is very attractive, resembling the smell of vanilla, and the third group have not felt any smell. The authors argue that the reason is that the differences in the receptor responsible for the olfactory system, from different people are different.

    It has long been proven that mammals (including human) odor is one way of attracting the attention of representatives of the opposite sex. A detailed article about the journal Nature will publish.

  4. Have you considered the next step, which is to have a baby conceived by a more dominant male?

  5. Erm… not sure what the relevance of jekpatty and Lance’s comments are.

    My experience of so called cuckold sites is that they’re mainly U.S. based and that they are driven by groups (male) who are pushing a racially based wife swapping fetish. Why they need to use the word “cuckold” to describe this is beyond me. A cuckold is a man whose wife, or female partner, takes another male lover. The word describes a female led concept. That’s the point of it. Without the initiative of the female the word cuckold becomes meaningless.

  6. “Have you considered the next step, which is to have a baby conceived by a more dominant male?”

    No, that’s not the next step, *that* is irresponsible.


  7. I’m looking for males to share my wife with. I enjoy the cuckold fantasy, but haven’t yet given her to someone. I want to, but it has to be the right person. Looking for advice.

  8. Both my wife and I fantasize about having a MFM threesome. Is this considered ‘cuckolding”?
    We both get turn on with her use of a large and very realistic “chocolate dildo” and helps her drop her inhibitions to tell me about the sexual tension that exists between her and her African American personal trainer. I get so hard when she tells me this, and sometimes can’t hold back ejaculating!

  9. Thanks,

    we are also in this lifesty… and we love it.



  10. Perfect!
    I love it.



    • I am a black male near Houston, TX who wants to become a bull. Do you have any advice on how I can start?

  11. An interesting blog post right there mate ! Thanks for it !

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