Cuckolding without the Bull

July 18, 2007

I haven’t been too interested in meeting other men lately. Blame it on a busy family life or general exhaustion from making the most out of summer but whatever the reason my desire is focused solely on my beautiful husband these days (and Christian Bale, but that’s a given).

This does not mean I won’t be tumbling around with another strong, well-endowed and skillful man in the future but it does mean that I have to find creative ways to cuckold my partner without the sexual satisfaction of a bull.

To start with I have to have an objective: is it to remind him of my superiority as a female? to remind him of his inadequacies as a lover? or to keep him on edge long enough that when he’s finally able to release it will feel like the rivers of the Nile are running through him

For any reason chastity is a good tool. We have the CB 3000 which I adore and to which Hubby recently lost the key to the lock, hmmmm *frown*

This week I think I’ll keep him chaste in order to increase his pleasure at the end. So I think I’ll give him some homework assignments such as finding men online that he thinks would please me and pleasure me.

I may even pleasure myself while he watches, strapped to a chair, helplessly immobilized except for his cock quivering with its desire.

Yes, yes, I think I will do just that 🙂


One comment

  1. I cuck my hubby as well and also without the aid of a bull. I date frequently and enjoy sex with other men. Hubby wears a cb 2000 but only usually when I bring a lover home for the evening. Hubby luvs to watch and does not interfere in any manner.
    I certainly enjoy my newfound freedom!!
    Melanie Steele

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