Day 3 of Chastity

July 21, 2007

It seems I am constantly straining against the confines of the CB 3000’s smooth plastic cage. Even when I’m not thinking about it I seem to be in a constant low grade state of arousal. I am looking forward to Saturday Night. We’re going out to a party. One of our friends. Her parties are always sexually charged with groups and couples playing.

I am prepared for the possibility of not being released from the chastity on Saturday or even many days following. I am beginning to feel very comfortable and happy as I resign myself to this position. This position? A lot more submissive around her, more attentive with caresses, kisses and kindness. More accepting of the promotion of her happiness.

We haven’t yet negotiated anything about the  party on Saturday but she has mentioned in passing She’s looking for a man to play with. Now that could just be fuel for my arousal as I’m locked. She has sent me a few Craig’s List ads of guys she’s answered. I found it funny that she asked me if they were OK. I guess that’s because in the past I have made comments about her choices but I think being locked in chastity really sets my place in our relationship. It’s really not up to me to say.

The set up at the party is a bit of a dungeon space in the basement with beds and equipment. Party goers can come and go, watch or participate as they like. My happy place right now is being told to get naked revealing my chastity and sit or stand by the bed while another man and her have their way with each other.

If it turns out that she has an orgasm and is completely satisfied by another and I have t take care of my self, or stay locked up for longer, that is perfectly OK with me. It could happen this way as long as there is some kind of sexual and non-sexual intimacy between us without the full on penetration between us. I believe there is.


  1. good luck tonight, i can’t wait to hear how tonight goes for the two of you.

    i only wish my wife would Cuckold me.


  2. Hi,
    How did it all work out?

    I hope she kept you in Chastity another day at least, to enjoy the moment.

  3. Hey Steve,

    Yea, I’m still in Chastity. Will post about the evening later. It was really fun.

  4. can’t wait to hear what happened.

    keep us posted


  5. Cuckoldhusband should be punished by being forced to write a detailed post, and then kept in more chastity! ( Unless he is too busy with other duties)

  6. I’m glad she didn’t read your comment there Steve. 🙂

    I will post about it now. She’s out having a “sleep over” tonight. With another Steve. Coincidence?

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