The outcome

July 29, 2007

Last Saturday night my wife and I went to an adult party. Naked people in a hot tub, dungeon and beds in a basement, food plates and drinks, lifestyle people all around – That kind of party.

A sexy woman friend of ours wanted to play with my wife and asked me if it was OK. I know her well and felt comfortable telling her that I had been in chastity for 4 days and would not be able to help out. That made her want to play with my wife even more.

[story shortened for you enjoyment]

I couldn’t find my wife and asked around. I found them in the dungeon space tumbling around on the sheep skin rug. Only my wife was completely naked. Our sexy friend was fully clothed and was donning a pair of lubed up latex gloves. It was such a turn on seeing their sexy bodies tangle together. Pearl is Hot!

Our friend got her into a doggy style position and began fingering Pearl. It didn’t take long before her entire hand was fucking her. More people gathered around to watch including another married woman friend of ours. She really likes to watch, (more about that later).

The scene got hotter as Pearl struggled and wrestled but got pinned down (even though our sexy friend is only 5.2 and 100lbs). Although only play, their wresting got intense and my wife found herself getting so lubed up her pussy got punch fucked repeatedly over and over. No matter how she struggled to get away from the driving lubed up fist, she always ended up in a position with her beautiful precious pussy exposed and plowed by this woman’s fist.

My cock was staining against the confines of the CB3000 watching my wife’s pussy get hammered, loosened and ruined (for today at least) by the passionate relentless pounding our sexy friend’s fist was giving her. After a long time of this they finally ended in a heap in the middle of the room. A man jerking off watching, multiple couples fucking and watching. Pearl and our friend told me to come over to them.

I got up off the spanking bench I had made my chair and walked over. Our sexy friend, who was still completely clothed said, “how does it feel?” and my wife pointed and laughed at my pin stripe dress pant clad crotch.

“Take it out” said my wife. So I unzipped and presented my sad compressed CB3000 covered penis to them, and the room of onlookers who had been watching. The married friend who had been sitting beside me watching was heard saying, “Oh that’s hot”.

They all laughed even more. “oh you poor boy”, “What are you going to do with that?” where some of the things they where saying to me. Our sexy friend who still had on the lubed up latex gloves from fisting and stretching my wife’s pussy started to rap on the plastic with her knuckles. My wife laughed and pointed more. My wife started laughing even more as our friend licked the plastic of the CB3000 passionately with her tongue and then took my chastity encased penis in her mouth and looked up at me with taunting eyes. I was then told to zip up and go away.

I sat back down beside our married friend where she told me how hot it was seeing that. She also told me that she likes to watch so much she lets her husband fuck anyone he wants as long as she can watch. She pointed out that like me, he was uncomfortable with her being with other men. We both agreed that sometime in the future her and I could maybe have some fun watching.  – HOT!

Anyway, back to the evening.

As things wrapped up they moved to a bed and I was asked to join them in an afterglow cuddle session. we talked, cuddled and kissed. It’s always good after being completely humiliated to be told I’m loved and appreciated for the part I played in their enjoyment.

All the next day my wife was sore. Too sore to do anything sexual and so I am still locked up. A constant reminder that I am no use to her stretched out, completely satisfied and ruined pussy.

Tonight I am at home as she has a “sleep over” at her old high school buddies house, Steve.

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