August 1, 2007

I love my husband. I adore him. I leer at him when he steps out of the shower in the morning, hell, I leer at him when he’s in the shower, pulling the curtains back just for the opportunity! He’s intelligent, has amazing abilities with critical thought processes, he’s thoughtful, kind and sometimes even funny!

So why do I cuck him?

In all honesty, because I’m greedy, selfish and demanding 🙂

I like big cock, I like being filled up. I like being with someone new, I love hot bodies and I don’t like being told my options have now been limited to one person the rest of my life because I fell in love. I guess you can say I’m also stubborn 😉

I don’t sleep with others because my husband is stupid, ugly, small, or a wimp. I sleep with others because they too are beautiful, strong, hung and, hopefully, skillful.

Why should I settle for less?

The husband? No, he’s not allowed to play around with other woman. Why? Because I said so! and remember, I’m greedy, selfish and demanding 😉


One comment

  1. Very hot reasons indeed and glad you do. I like my wife cuckolding me and I prefer that she does not particulary need or want me to do other women

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