It’s been a week…

August 27, 2007

…and all I have had since She got home from spending the night with S is handjobs – but I am grateful. It’s an amazing feeling to know that the last time I had sex with my wife she was filled with another man’s cum.

He had her twice on Friday night and once on Saturday morning. All three time he came in my wife and when she got home she had me go down on her. She wanted to feel me in her too and allowed me to fuck her. As I was fucking I could see his cum sliding down my cock and it was hard to tell where his wetness ended and her pussy began.

I came very hard and realized then that my wife was a very satisfied cum filled woman who can have as much sex as she wants. I love her and want her to take advantage of her power. It is something most women have not discovered.



  1. my wife lets me have sloppy seconds also and i love it

  2. wow! if only my hotwife would do this!? we talk about her love for black men, but it hasnt happened yet! how can i make it happen!!!???

  3. Tried a very long, meaningful message, was I fool to waste my time?

  4. by the way, the “take my wife” story on NERVE, it’s enlightening – more men fantasize about this than anything else! btw the founders of this site are the bestest, nicest, coolest, NYC startup-y types ever and I love them more than dirty talk itself.

  5. this is silly I can’t actually contact you. if I could, we’d have quite a soulful conversation- mostly because you’ve been brave enough to openly share yourself here – congrats and full kudos for that. ng

  6. great blog, liked it a lot


    You can and did get a hold of us. Your comment gets emailed to us. However, when I tried to email back it was your email that bounced back. Thanks for the comments.

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