I am a cuckold

September 7, 2007

Maybe it’s because I’m in chastity. That must be why my answer is “yes dear” when she says she’s going over to S’s place tonight before work.

She has to work a late shift tonight, 12 midnight to 6am. She told me she wanted to go over to see S before work. It took me a while but I finally figured out what feels different. Before she would have asked. I think it’s starting to click for her. She gets it. I don’t have a say. A little while latter when it dawned on me, I must have looked trouble because she DID ask at that point if I was OK with this. Kind of like a quick check in.

The thing with S is he’s a very straight regular guy. Strong quiet type who doesn’t communicate a lot. Apparently he just kind of starts making the moves. At least that’s what happened the first time they got hammered together. (Whether I wanted to or not I think I would have been a cuckold that night). The other thing is the two of them have been good friends since highschool – even had a bit of a sexual liaison back then. Just recently have they rekindled that flame via the drunken attempt at watching videos together one night.

So it’s scary. He doesn’t care much about me at all. Just about my wife and gettin’ it on with her. He, (and her being with him) has made me a cuckold. But that’s a lie because I am here at home because I want to be. I made some dinner and put our kid to bed because I love my wife and want her to want sex because it’s fun.

So She left early for work to get a little booty call in. He suggested a little splash in his new hot tub. Me?, I don’t have a hot tub. And I notice she didn’t take a bathing suite either.



  1. I liked the post, your wife is hot….I think mine would like to find an old HS flame too

  2. Hey, don’t leave us hanging. Update time!

  3. Is this a dead blog now?

  4. No, we are planning a little event.

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