December 21, 2007

We’ve had life come at us in all directions. I am realizing we are a well read blog and I think we should start updating again. The thing is we have been in a bit of a down cycle as far as ANY sexual activity goes as we take on what life brings and since this is a cuckolding blog, we just haven’t had much to say, until today that is.

We had been fighting just this last week or so. That on and off bicker then blow up, bicker thing. Anyway, within the fighting we managed to really connect a few times. This was through sexual contact with each other. It was amazin, tender and fluent sexual contact. Tuesday the 18th was especially nice.

Pearl shaved me everywhere. She wants me to dress in frilly feminine things and so she felt it was time I needed to get rid of all my boy body hair. She lit some candles in the bathroom, set the laptop to play nice rythmic goovetronic tunes and set to work defoliaging me with Neet, Nair and a razor. I got a bath a facial and a foot scrub. She really loves me! Later we set to work on each other for a prolonged play time and fell asleep EARLY for once. No. we did not wait until the end of the night to begin.

The next day we were fighting about something again but we quickly made up today and I think one of the reaons for the quick make up talk had something to do with knowing that her ‘go-to-guy’ at the moment has tonight off and she has been planning to see him tonight for a while. I really don’t mind this being one of the reasons for making up. I found it funny when she said that sexual contact brings us closer together and I agreed. I said, even if it’s with someone other than me.

Anyway, she did admit to wanting to see him and I DO feel more connected with her when she can value the trust in our relationship to say it the way it is. She asked if I would give her a ride there and help her pick out a bikini, (I also inspected her bikini shave for her too). I kind of felt like a girl friend to her. A best friend that she has nothing to hide from.

Well, it’s past 1 am and I am getting hard again. got to go and – uh – wait for her in bed.

good night


  1. HI just wanted to say i love your blog. i have just been cuckolded my story, if you would like to join my blog feel free to send me an email request. Best wishes to you!

  2. I love the ‘being a girl-friend’ idea! I’m TV and would love that situation.

    Happy New Year and stuff,


  3. Love your blog, we are a young couple living in Vancouver and have been enjoying the cuckold lifestyle for a few years now 🙂

  4. James, I think you know us already. Keep commenting and if it is you, lets hang out again sometime.

  5. I don’t know if we’ve had a chance to meet, but we are always interested in meeting new people 🙂

  6. keep posting with updates like this one it is enjoyable

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