Her IM Conversations

January 12, 2008

So I go up to her office last night and there’s my wife in front of the computer watching a guy stroke his cock for her. They are planning on meeting up next week.

This is not normal for her as meeting guys online isn’t her thing but they have been friends for a while on Facebook. I guess one email just led to another and now they are going to fuck. She let me read their entire IM conversation history, (Sort of a practive in humiliation I suppose since I’m probably going to have to wait at home for her again to return) because this might be all I get. Wank material, wishing I could be the guy with an attached woman talking to me the way she was talking to him. The guys she comes onto are so lucky.

Although he had never heard of the term ‘cuckold’ it seems he was interested in what it entailed. He made a half joking comment about fucking her with the web cam running so I could be made to watch.

On a side note: I notice her lack of posting here. There seems to be a more open flow of her sexuality when it is just for her and not recited to a crowd.

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