Pink Bra

January 15, 2008

Yesterday I bought the sexiest deep pink bra and garter for my date on Wednesday.
This one to be specific…

It’s going to look great under my swanky black off-the-shoulder shirt and thing high slit back skirt. I’m going for a Bond girl look and I think the surprising pink lace under all that glamorous black is going to be hot.

and I’ve decided that it will be used soley for my booty calls!

Hubby had the occasion to help me pick it out and no doubt he will help me get ready, I like him to do so, but he is unfortunately only ever going to see this sexy little number on it’s way out the door for some other man to peel off my body.

Hubby is very good at helping me get ready for my exciting evenings he really is.
He is handy for inspecting my shaving to ensure I have not missed any spots.
He is also good for rubbing the soft mousturizer into my skin and dispersing Kama Sutra honey dust over my most intimate places. It’s always a pleasure to look forward to a man’s rhythmic tongue dancing circles around my clit so I like to give them a little treat with the honey dust.

Maybe sometime I’ll allow hubby to taste it!

But not now, not when I have other thing, er, men on my mind.
You understand don’t you? It’s just that some women, like myself, can’t go without experiencing the hot, orgiastic, rough, sensual fucking that other men can provide, and why should I?

I was not intended to be kept under wraps for one man, no matter how much I love him. That would be a waste now wouldn’t it? 😉



  1. Now you’re starting to torture ( the good kind) some of us viewers.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. My Wife and i have a deal where ounce a month i get her a sexy outfit from either Victoria Secret, Fredericks, boston proper, or venus. We call it her “Hotwife outfit of the month.” We cuddle together and look at the magazines and she circles items that she likes and i get to pick one. It is really fun.

    BTW I love your blog, please keep it up!

  3. BTW if you want an invite to my blog email me at: helpmatehubby@yahoo.com

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