January 18, 2008

Last night I was a bad, bad girl 😦
I went and gave away my naughty bits for another man to enjoy!

So I was punished by a sound spanking and a hard fucking in the back of the car on the way home, just to remind me who my pussy belongs to.

But I couldn’t help smiling because I knew that even though Hubby was taking back what is his, he was still having to slide his cock into the wetness that another man made and smell the sweat of another man’s body on my skin *grin*



  1. HOT!!!

  2. Yours is an interesting lifestyle. It appears that both of you get to experience your fantasies, which is what most of us cannot. I could put myself in husband’s place in all that you have described so far. But I am a little puzzled, and even concerned. Sharing body fluids with someone whom you know (S) is one thing, but someone you meet over the internet? It seems irresponsible. Or am I missing something?

  3. Hi Susan’s Pet. Thanks for following our blog It’s so nice to hear your perspective. Just to clarify, “…the wetness that another man made…” was her own wetness in this case.

    She is fluid bonded with one regular male partner who is otherwise not very sexually active at all.

    Let’s exchange links.

  4. Just curious about the ling. What does “fluid bonded” really mean? I can take a guess, but woud rather hear it from you.

    Hot blog you have here.

  5. I can guess what “fluid bonded” means in this context.

    I appreciate your wanting to share links. You are welcome to link my site. I regret that I cannot reciprocate. I have a commitment to my wife, and unless she is, or becomes this way, we will remain “whatever word suffices for the female equivalent of monogamous” marriage. I like what you do, and neither approve nor disapprove. You are both adults, have fun, enjoy, take care of each other, but be safe.

    I find you postings entertaining and more real than reading novels. It is as if I were doing it, which is what I cannot do. Thank you for an insight into a fascinating lifestyle.

  6. glad you are back in action…..I concentrated on you doing another guy and the other readers seem to concentrate on fluid bonding…..I think condoms are highly overrated and if oral is involved unless one wears a condom to give a bj we are all fooling ourselves…knowing the person helps….

  7. We have been swinging and cuckolding for a long time and it works really well for us. We highly recommend it. We have our own blog at http://simonandlizzi.eu/blog

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