Mining for Humiliation

August 25, 2008

What’s hotter?

1) The wimpy, groveling, submissive man who begs to be cuckolded so his wife obliges by doing what he asks for?


2) The asshole dominant racist husband who’s wife sleeps with all the black men she can behind his back?

Pearl is actually a lot more mean than she thinks but it’s the unsuspecting, unrehearsed humiliating actions that work the best and sometimes I just have to look for it in her actions and words.

Pearl had a date two nights ago. He has been so into getting busy with her that it almost put her off but…she went for it because he likes the cuckolding idea and wants to explore being the dominant male. He wants to include me. However, this last Friday I was relegated to the bedroom while they took over the rest of the house. why? because it is new to him and they both wanted their first date to be without the complication of me. Being asked to leave is a humiliating experience even if they didn’t intend it to be. Good times were had by all

Truth be told, he and she (and all her lovers) are very polite and gracious to me. Our sexual lifestyle at the moment is a bit like a one sided polyamorous relationship but with out the commitment on her side. I could almost call it a Hotwife relationship because of my obvious willingness to help everyone feel OK – which I am OK but would rather play the, “I wish she wouldn’t” role. The only reason it’s not a Hotwife style is because I am usually not watching. I am OK with both these scenarios so all is good. Having a bit more humiliation would be fine and I think we are on that road.

Her and I both think whiny submissive males who are too keen to grovel at her feet are too easy to push over. We know a few and it comes a cross as needy. I never want to see myself as whiny so I never push for humiliation, I just let her know it’s OK and give her a lot of freesdom to try whatever is comfortable. I don’t think I will ever come across as a needy, whiny submisive because I am a dominant by nature. Brining a dominant man to his knees: Now that’s hot.

Which brings me back to the question of ‘which is hotter’.

Pearl is out on a ‘date’ right now. We both really like him. Successful, witty and good looking but not into cuckolding so I am never a part of it. What do I do? I wrap my head around the fact that she’s out with two different guys in 3 days. That she was really looking for 3 guys in 3 days but one was ill. That in the last three days she’s been sucking cock, face fucked, fucked, fisted, fingered, licked, multiple times, (this includes me – although I was the one getting fucked one of those times). I will also ask her how her ‘coffee’ was when she returns as a way to play the unsuspecting husband. She might role play back or they really might have only had coffee in which case she might say, ‘you’re going to have to do’ and tell me to strip.

Cuckold Hubby


  1. welcome back thought you had dropped off the blog world altogether.

  2. I thinkn the two options are not enough. Both are no way a good basis for a healthy cuckold relationship. I think hubby can be submissive, but should never push things. He can suggest, plant the seed and then see what She decides to do about it. I know this doesn’t sound that pornographically hot, but it’s the most realistic and secure way to do this. I think (because I am no real cuckold, yet).

    Your situation is very hot. That makes a nice third option. You are definitely a cuckold. Watching, loads of direct humiliation or eating creampies are not really required to fall into ths category. 😉

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog. I am in the process of doing a story on cuckolding for Details magazine. I’d like interview you and your husband for the article. Please excuse my posting this here, but I didn’t see a way to contact you. My email is mkap@nyc.rr.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    –Michael Kaplan

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