November 29, 2008
Merriam- Websters defines Cuckold as a “man who’s wife is unfaithful” from the 13th century Middle English word “cokewold”.
I first read of the word in Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Miller’s Tale” in the Canterbury Tales. Apparently Shakespeare made use of Cuckolds as well in his esteemed plays.
Fast forward a few generations with the Google replacing the Gutenberg Press and you’d be led to believe that a “cuckold” was a Caucasian man who’s wife has sex with African-*insert appropriate country* men.
It is the mindful broad definition that is a blessing and a curse for us all as it provides ample room to interpret the kink as you wish but it also leaves us without a concrete label to wear.
As an example, in my personal experience I have been perplexed to find myself having to explain that, no, I’m not purposely looking for black men, after having described myself as a “cuckoldress”.
“Well, what is it that you do then?”
That’s a good question because just offering “I cuckold” isn’t a satisfying response, especially since it hasn’t become a mainstream kink yet.
….not until it’s featured on CSI anyways 😉



  1. One thing that bugs me is when a guy says his wife sleeps around, but he is not a cuckold because he doesn’t clean her up afterwards nor has homosexual thoughts. They’re still cuckolds.

  2. Wow, great article and one that I have written about myself. Its baffling to me how so many people can have so many misconceptions about cuckoldry.
    I mean when it was first introduced to them, did it not occur to them to simply look up the word? 🙂
    Again, very nice blog. I can see I will spend some time back reading through your posts.

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