December 11, 2008

I involve DH into the sex life I have with other men by bringing home  stories but I do not involve the men I see in the intimacy I have with my husband.
And here’s why;  I can humiliate him, I can call him names, harass him, withhold sex and remind him of his “place” because I know,  and he knows, that it is fantasy.

I do not want to take that chance that the other man won’t see it that way.
Especially not a “bull” as I find the traditional type pompous and overbearing and I am too protective of my DH to subject him to an egotistical ass who’s in it for the glory. It is a privilege to be a part of someone’s kink dynamic that requires trust and respect.
I also don’t want to run the risk of the “bull” (I use quotation marks because in all fairness, the term should apply to me) ignoring him all together.
As easy as it is to find men to date/sleep with, even with them knowing I’m married, it’s hard to find ones well-versed in cuckolding  that I trust enough to bring home to hubby.
Cuckolding  is edge play and not for the weak, undecided or uninitiated.



  1. This seems to an area in which many if not most people find it to be a better fantasy than reality.

    However your self-awareness and healthy commitment to your relationship stand out in your description.

    I wonder if you have have thought about how you would tell if it went too far for either of you and what you would do then.

    With so many relationships collapsing into the dust of boredom, smart loving edges are attractive.

  2. A lot of this depends upon how (physically) attractive you are. Men rate that highest, and in short term relationships, way highest.

    Of course most/all highly or even moderately sexually charged men (who in sum are the majority) (high testosterone-biological) are always looking for casual sex verboten or not, with any woman who’s above their (often not so high, but fat’s a problem) attractiveness threshold.

    Seductiveness / projection of sexuality, and non projection of aggressive rad feminist contra gender control fetish beliefs also matter.

    It seems clear to me that you have probs. somewhere in here.

    And I can’t stand rad feminists. But love liberated women.

    I guess the really stupid/simple question would be, do you come off as a not especially sexy bitch?

  3. Dj, you have the distinction of being the first comment I have replied to for curiousity’s sake.

    Your reaction to my post has piqued my interest and I further wonder if it’s because you just as well may be the type of “bull” I was referring to.
    If so I think it would be interesting to find out more about the dynamics between our two contradictory personalities…or you may turn out to be as base as you sound…. 🙂


  4. In my fantasy world, my wife would have a lover who was more than a lover, he would also be my best friend and partner, and he would be very much included in our marraige. He would not have to be bisexual, but if he was then he could also be my sexual partner if he wished it. But I would also be totally OK with it if he was not bisexual or just did not want me sexually involved in the marraige. That is just my own fantasy.

    Most of the cuckold fantasy and reality stuff that I read, involves the “bull” who is exactly the the “egotistical ass” sort that you speak of Pearl. That sort of man I do NOT want in my marraige, but I leave the man selection completely to my wife so my opinion of the man doesn’t really matter.

    But if I may, I would like to say that I am the sort of husband who would very dearly love for a sort of “bull” who would be more of a husband who would see to the romantic and sexual needs of my/our wife, and who would not really look at me with disdain, like I am a typical cuckold wimp. But rather that he would see himself as her husband for sex and romance, and me as his partner and other husband for doing the husband for security and home role.

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