January 4, 2009

I realized that, as is our case, all the Cuckolding couples we personally know started because of the urgings and initiating of the male.

Which strikes me as ironic for a female-dominated kink, no?

How many of you have begun out of the female’s desires?


  1. I honestly think it is a primarily male-driven fantasy. Though it would benefit the wife a lot more, I think most happily married women don’t really care if they have extra-marital affairs until the husband influences her.

  2. I can say, with complete honesty, that my wife introduced the idea to our relationship, by dancing very provocatively with another man in front of me, and watching my reaction.

    “I always suspected,” she said, “but that showed me that I was right.”

  3. My wife started at my urging. She had a one night stand right after we got married and it turned me on so much I literally begged her to continue.

  4. Well, doesn’t that mean that she started it (by cuckolding you), and you encouraged her to turn it into a shared activity?

  5. Actually there was a long gap between the first time she did it and when she resumed. In between there were 3 kids. When she lost all the weight from the kids she got really horny all the time and that’s when I told her that her one night stand made me horny and I asked her to take a new lover. She was reluctant at first but soon she was seeing 3 different married men.

  6. […] don’t feel I urged Pearl to be a cuckolding wife. It’s not the way I remember it coming to be.Maybe I can […]

  7. As a bull I can tell you that almost every couple I have played with started at some point in the realm of all things cuckold because of a very mutual desire.

    However, even in the extreme cases where the hotwife truly dominates and humiliates it has been at the cuck’s choosing – topping from the bottom is you will. One gets the feeling that often even the most sissy cuck is still actually king of the castle.

    The only exception I’ve known – a hotwife that had a female bull. The she-bull (can’t use cow can I!!) stayed in the marital bed most nights and the cuck was submissive 24/7. They continued a relationship – not quite a troilism but not far off – for as long as I knew them. The hotwife was most definitely in charge and she drove proceedings from the off. Incidentally I was merely a “guest” bull… she took in an extra man once in a while if she found someone experienced, but never involved her female bull in that play.

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