January 5, 2009

As with all kinks you can choose to either keep it in the bedroom or live it as a lifestyle.

Our Cuckolding is somewhere in-between as it is a pretty predominant part of our sex life and our sex life is a predominant part of our relationship.
That being said, outside of the “bedroom” we practice egalitarianism and if it differs than it is usually DH that will make the decisions.

As noted, sex infuses a large part of our life together and has never been contained between just the two of us. Of course we went through the oft-advised steps of creating a secure, loving trusting relationship first with a strong base of communication and acceptance. After that it was whatever felt right, and good.

It was DH’s idea to sit on the sidelines and it was my idea to be in complete control. Ta-da, cuckolding!

I recently contacted the “first” to get together again as a one-off. I am sure it will be rather interesting since the last time we played together I was still “getting my sea legs” as it where. I’ve far surpassed the experimental stage and have become rather ingrained in my ways. It has threatened to get me in trouble in the past as I find it way to easy to remark on someone’s “manhood” disparagingly and as you can imagine there are quite a few men out there who would not find that arousing 🙂
Next weekend DH is taking me lingerie shopping for a new bra (who needs panties??) and maybe some stockings, for my date and I’ll be kind in return by locking him up for the night. (It is kind as it relieves him of the self-discipline to stop from playing with himself.)



  1. Not only that, but locking him up for the night also has a lot of symbolism. Another man with all the freedoms in the world with you, yet hubby doesn’t have the freedom of his own body.

  2. I really was just wanting someone to reassure me that the cuckolding fantasies im having are in some way ‘normal’, that there are other people out there who find this erotic too.

    There is definately a humiliation aspect to some degree. I have an average (I think? 5 to 6 inches) penis, but I always imagine he is at least 7 and she enjoys this more. I also imagine he lasts longer. Sometimes I want to watch, sometimes not. I’m sorry if this is inappropriate, but here is a token example of my fantasies. I hoped as someone in the lifestyle you could reassure me this is ok?

    I am drunk, so alittle inebriated, in bed with my girlfriend (well, my ex. 5 feet 4, curvaceous, 34DD breasts, in other words HOT). She is asking me about my fantasies, and I blurt out something about her shagging a ‘big’ guy. She looks shocked for a moment, but then continues and whispers in my ear as we fuck what she would do to him.

    THis develops to the point where she, knowing my fantasy, will tease me a little, staying out late, maybe kissing other guys, not much more, but telling me about dancing with them “He felt like he had a really big cock”. One night when she gets home we start to have sex and her phone beeps. As she strokes me, she checks the message, and its a guy from that night, saying he wants her. She tells me this and txts his back and then we start to fuck. She whispers in my ear “I wish it was him in me not you” and I cum immediately, leaving her unsatisfied. She says “If this fantasy of yours is leaving me without an orgasm then I might just have to live it out for real”.

    Next week she goes out as usual but I get a txt to sleep in the spare room. At 3am i hear nooise of her arriving but also a male voice. They stop in the hall outside my room and kiss against the wall, I hear whisperings and gentle moanings, then they head into the bedroom. Our flat has pretty thin walls so from the spare room i can hear a lot. After maybe 15 minutes of soft sounds i hear the bed start to creak. And it just goes on and on, her moaning, and reaching a very loud orgasm. This continues on and off for hours, till i hear him leave in the morning. She walks into my room, naked, with her hands behind her back and walks over to the bed, where i pretend to sleep, i dont know what else to do. She whispers in my ear “So did you enjoy that? Take off the sheets”

    I do what she says and have an erection standing bolt upright.
    “I think its time i gave you a little pleasure” she says. “Just my hand, im too tired to fuck, but ill use some special lube”

    With that she produces from behind her back a used condom and before i know it pours the contents on my cock. It twitches in pleasure and i groan as she starts working her hand all over the shaft and head. She giggles, “God it feels so small after him!” and i cum really hard in a mixture of utter shame and complete and utter erotic joy.

    So thats how my head is right now! I dont know if that says anymore about my ‘normal’ness?

    Thank you for reading. It would be great to hear from you,


  3. Hello George,

    I can tell you that you’re fantasy is completely “normal” and I’m going to tell DH to respond to your comment because he has similar fantasies as well.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  4. Well here I am responding 🙂

    Yes I was just explaining something similar to this the other day. We practice safer sex so the whole ‘creampie’ idea is out of the question. My fantasy is a safer sex creampie.

    Cuckolding and humiliation go hand in hand so even just seeing another mans cum, whether it be on her clothing, on my pillow or in a condom drives home the fact that my wife was the cause of this man’s orgasm. She was the cause of him ‘bustin’ a nut all over’ so they say.

    So to have it used as a lube on you sounds like an amazing idea. Thanks, you just gave her ideas.

    My fantasy was to have the man give me his cum filled condom for me to put on. You can imagine how that would feel. The condom all loose and stretched out I would need an elastic at the base to keep it from slipping off. Now imaging my wife saying, “you can fuck me now”

  5. Hey thanks guys for responding, thats really kind of both of you. Nice to know im not the only one DH (although of course I am jealous, i simply fantasize, you have this for real!)

  6. You’re welcome George. Well it looks like you will be able to read about us in the next issue of Details magazine.

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