..and I’m still in chastity

January 12, 2009

Lock me up for the night my ass. That’s what she wrote in her last post. I have witnesses here! Well, I’m still in the CB3000 as I write this. Who’s with me?

I’m not sure how many women read our blog but this post is really for you. I am in chastity. Really. You know what I did today? I cleaned up the house and looked after our son while she went out to see “M” one of her dates. All the while she felt close to me knowing she wanted me wearing this chastity.

Yesterday she straddled my face until she had enough and then made me watch her masturbate to orgasm. Even though I never got to orgasm, the satisfaction was mutual and I was able to reciprocate her need to cuddle after and watch a TV show with her on the couch arm in arm under a shared comfy blanket.

The night before I entertained an out of town guest, (more on that later I suspect), while she was upstairs in our room having her way with an extremely well endowed friend of ours. I am madly, deeply in love with my Pearl. She is my world and I am so happy I am open to offering her the world of guilt free sexual gratification as well as being a partner that does his share around the house. Don’t get me wrong, she does a lot of house keeping and parenting too. And no, she’s not a slut and if you think she is, then we’ll reclaim the word and call ourselves ethical sluts, (thank you Dossie Easton).

The truth is, The CB3000 chastity device is easy and comfortable to wear. I can’t speak for all but in my case I feel a lot closer to Pearl when she has me in it. It’s true what many say about being more attentive to the woman and happy to see their needs met.

I have talked on many forums to many different men who would love to be in chastity for their wives/girlfriends but are afraid to ask. I have read and discussed with even more who are single and wear the device already. So for the women out there thinking this is sick and twisted, drop that notion and think again because this can really be all about you. In fact the entire cuckolding fetish is for you. It’s odd more women don’t come up with the idea on their own.

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  1. Great post. Chastity and cuckolding go so well together. Glad to see you two are back to posting. It keeps things fresh and in perspective.

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