Boys Boys Boys

January 14, 2009

Called up “the first” over the weekend,  “F”, it was…interesting. I’ve changed since I last saw him. A lot I think.
Saw “M” on Sunday but I was bagged which kills me because I rarely get to see him and he’s an amazing person.
Found out “S” isn’t single anymore.
Same with “F2″….

I’m surprised that I was surprised to find out “S” was off the market, I don’t like having any feelings of attachment no matter how trifle. Though I am confident everything is working out for the best. None of the men I see are Bulls and that’s who I really should be hooking up with.

And then there’s the cop from the club. We’ve been playing phone tag but haven’t met up again….I’m thinking it’s a subconscious avoidance at this point.

So that’s where things are at.


p.s. I hate the terms “slutwife” and “cuckoldress”,  the first one can’t be anything but a male defined porn star label and the other one sounds too Leopold von Sacher-Masoch-ish.
So what shall it be then? I can take Ma’am I guess, or some term of endearment like “Beautiful”.

One comment

  1. how about…..just, Pearl………

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