Naked in my bed within 20 minutes

January 21, 2009

I guess I’ve come into the “comfortable stage” of this particular kink.

On Saturday Richard and I had an impromptu talk over coffee about just how serious this fetish was for him. I am a fickle person myself and I know that even though I’m interested in art deco it doesn’t mean I’m going to redesign my house because in two years I’ll probably on to something else new entirely.

So how sure what he about making major life-affecting decisions based on his “current” kink?

It turns out he’s very sure.

Ok then.

I guess I am too as evidenced by my salacious actions that very same night.

Our friends, who cuckold as well, came over and I managed to convinced everyone a night of dancing was in order so off to the local male gay club we went where I proceeded to dance to my little hearts content.
I rarely left the floor and only occasionally glanced up at the go-go boys.
They were the usual lithe, twinkies with their tight ginch and hairless bodies. Not baaaaad but I was having so much fun dancing!

It was a throng of women standing three deep under the podium to my left that drew my attention. First, it’s a gay bar, second they had looks of such greed and what can only be described as “enrapture” that I had to look up to see what all the fuss was about.

Apparently the “fuss” was 6′ tall with the most perfectly sculpted (bare) ass I think I’ve ever seen. This guy was not only gorgeous but the only one doing the full monty in the crowded club and clearly enjoying it.

When I saw him coming off stage I asked if he was gay, good odds as he’s working at a gay bar..he mumbled something and kept walking. I didn’t think much of it and went back to shaking my ass to the next, oh, twenty songs.

But …(hahahaha, the infamous “there’s more and it’s juicy” word)….

….at the end of the night I was off to the side of the dancefloor waiting for DH and our friends as I was soaked with sweat and clearly done.

Who walks up to me but go-go god and he has to lean in real close to talk because it’s really loud. He says he didn’t hear me earlier and can I repeat what I said.

I put an arm around his neck and asked if he was gay.

He said no, he was totally straight.

I put my other arm around him and told him my name.

Before he told me his I said I didn’t really need to know now did I? And wrapped my legs around his waist.

You can see where this is going 😉

After promising him a guaranteed good time and sending DH off to treat our friends to a late night snack at Denny’s I had Mr. Go-Go God at my house naked in my bed within 20 minutes.

And I have to tell you, he was the BEST first lay I’ve ever had.

Clearly, I’ve become comfortable with this lifestyle.



  1. you are an amazing woman, do you have any advice on how to be a good cuckold?

  2. I guess the next post should be from my perspective of seeing my wife in the corner of the club being fondled and groped every which way, even lifted off the ground, while sucking face with the man who was the object of desire by every woman in the club.

  3. Well, I wouldn’t say no to reading that… 🙂

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