faithful adornment

January 23, 2009

I’m beginning to think a tattoo would be a good idea.

I’m thinking matching ones, a lock and a key.
Though horns are rather appropriate…

Any creative ideas?


  1. How about this one:

  2. well I think it would be important you be open about the meaning of the lock tattoo. I think the dick should be tattooed “cuckold” or “wimp”

    Just me thoughts


  3. I think a pair of horns. The traditional sign of a cuckold is that he “wears horns that only he cannot see.”

    The cuckold symbol should be something that can be seen by others, subtle enough to be tasteful, but very clear in it’s meaning to those you want to tell you are a cuckold.

    If you are also into chastity, add a lock on the horns.

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