I’m Real

January 23, 2009

Sometimes I get tired from “playing”. I guess it means I’m not a through and through Dominant or I’m not a dyed-in-the-wool cuckoldress.
I worry about letting Richard down by telling him that tonight I don’t want to humiliate him, I just want to love him and have sex with him. It’s a break from the role. I break I seem to need more often than he does.
But it’s me doing the work. It’s me engaging in relationships with other men and that takes emotional and physical energy.
And sometimes I wonder why it is that DH would rather see me having sex with someone else than have sex with me himself?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this fetish. Just not 24/7.

Sometimes I need a break. I need to be taken care of and not because it’s his job, but because he’s my partner.

I’m sure we’ll work on a routine, a way to signal the departure from our “roles” without it being jarring or confusing.

We’ll find a way.
And I’ll get to recharge 🙂



  1. I love it when my wife cuckolds me. It is liberating, exhilirating and just plain fun. but I would not want it 24/7 either….Lets face it if you are a cuckoldress and he a cuckold then technically he is one always not just when you are fucking other men. while I may have a fantasy of total pussy denial, the reality is that I probably would not like that very much….The idea is not to never get her pussy, it is to ache for it inbetween times…..I understand…..with us, if she gets laid once a month by her FWB that is adaquate.

  2. Bdenied is correct in his statement that I am a cuckold and you a cuckoldress regardless. This is separate and a part from your level of domination. I don’t think cuckolding has to have anything to do with domination or 24/7 actions.

    I think I need to write a post about this…

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  4. This is your game and you should play it any way YOU wish… enjoy, and when the mood strikes you one direction, play it to the way you like. bdenied’s comments are probably right on target… this should not be work, just frosting your (the two of you) cake.

  5. I completely understand not wanting it to be 24/7. As a cuckold, I also know how he feels when he ways that he prefers to watch you with another man. My girl is struggling with that, too. She loves me, so she wants to make love to me .. and I get that. When you have a fetish, though (as strong as we do).. it’s complicated.

    It can be draining, I know.. for all involved.

  6. My wife has a difficult time taking charge sometimes as well, until I remind her that I’m happiest when she takes her pleasure any way she wants, without regard for me or anyone else. She has always had things her way and I always felt uncomfortable always getting the short end of the stick, until I discovered through cuckoldry that I love to please so much that it is really it’s own reward – no reciprocation necessary.

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