We are normal, We just like some kink once in a while

January 24, 2009

Pearl’s latest post states, “… sometimes I wonder why it is that DH would rather see me having sex with someone else than have sex with me himself?”

I wonder if more cuckolding wives feel this way? Maybe the above statement feels that way to my Pearl but it’s not accurate from my point of view. I love making love to Pearl whether it be with her wearing a strap-on like we did last night or me being her cowboy and holding her down, wrestling for control. It’s my yearning for Pearl and my desire for her that makes it real when she chooses with her free will to be with another. It just wouldn’t be cuckolding if it was any other way.

I don’t feel I urged Pearl to be a cuckolding wife. It’s not the way I remember it coming to be. Maybe I can explain and she can correct me if I am wrong.

I am against having a boring homogenized sex life – with anyone. I think Pearl and I both agree on that. Because we don’t partake in the mundane, the mundane becomes exciting when we do it. It’s all exciting because there is always a huge variety. Sex with Pearl is like a box of chocolates….and you know the rest of that saying. Everything is exciting with Pearl, she is anything but mundane in all aspects of her life.

When we first started dating Pearl gave me a video of her and her ex having sex. This isn’t something a new girlfriend normally does is it? How about the pictures of her sucking cock in a photo booth? I won’t get started with the stories and adventures of her past she freely told me about. It was a huge turn on for me to be with someone so open in this way. If I had demanded a closed monogamous relationship with her I would be  squashing her seemingly natural open hedonistic personality and it really seemed to be who she was.

The idea of an open relationship was never contemplated because although Pearl liked being free to be, she was insanely jealous of me being with other women. I know without a doubt that had I given her video or pic’s of me having sex with my ex the reaction would not be the same as the one I had. The idea of me being with someone else was not something to contemplate, (unless it was a man). I was not jealous of her being free to be with others and told her so but she was worried that “the other shoe would drop” and I would change my mind using her infidelities as an excuse to be with others myself. So she always approached the possibility of sexual liaisons with others very tentatively.

It wasn’t until later that I discovered the term “Cuckold”. It was an “Ah ha!” moment because it put everything in it’s place. It wasn’t swinging or poly. It was cuckolding which specificly is a man who’s wife has sex with other men.  All I feel I did was put a name to what we were already sort of doing. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. I was looking for other men in my position by Googling something like “my wife has a lover” and I found some archaic chat space that soon turned into Cuckoldplace.com I figured that with both of us preferring a kinky sex life is was perfect for us and it would be good to be involved finding others and learning more.

Pearl is free to take another man anytime she desires while I remain faithful. That is it. Anything else is added kinkness. I love her for a whole bunch of other reasons that have nothing to do with cuckolding or sex.


  1. Just found this blog and what a find! Really been enjoying the stories, can’t wait for more. The idea of sharing my lady with other men turns me on but I’m not sure how to open that discussion with her.

  2. Welcome to the blog Jas. You could just show her this site. She can ask questions of Pearl. We can be contacted via “Contact Us” page if the questions are of a personal nature.

  3. I just made a note on my blog to read yours… I just found this one and interestingly enough, find very similar interests. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It is very hard to come to terms w. all of this. I drove her to it and now am consumed with being her cuck, yet I am still partly Alpha Male – clearly losing that role and wanting her to take more of it. My wife, who I love has been with 29 men over past few years, I set each of those meetings up.

    Becoming a Cuckold or being aware that is what you are is a very tricky process.

    Is there others out there like me – I frankly feel alone and know my wife loves the fact that she has her Freedom – but loves me and wants to help me be fullfilled. What is next?/

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