When Cuckolding is on Hiatus

March 4, 2009

I’ve recently made the connection between the periods of time we play with cuckolding and the equally lengthly periods when we don’t and it all has to do with my confidence. Well, not all, actually, I’d say half of it is time, there are only so many weekends in a month  you know 😉

Cuckolding is partly an expression of my feelings of beauty, power, confidence, freedom and sexuality.

When I’m not fully believing in my virtue of any of the above or my self-esteem is taking a beating the cuckolding suffers.

At these times sex with another man leaves me feeling empty, more like a transaction just took place and I accidently bought the wrong product. This is obviously not how cuckolding should be, so we pause and wait for whatever is happening in life to finish before we go out again.

I’ve been desperately sick these past two weeks and I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t  make a very good sick person. I rail on against the injustice of it all and wonder why this is happening to me etc. you get the drift 😉 An ill Pearl makes for a Pearl that isn’t happy with life nevermind her body or anybody else’s feelings.

Now, thanks to magic get-better pills, I’m up and about and trying to decide what to wear to our local swingers club’s grand opening of a new night next Saturday.


  1. I cannot speak from experience, but wonder if merely having that freedom granted to self and from husband is more important that actually making it a ‘calendar event’ if you know what I mean…

    I get the impression from several of the blogs that the hotwife freedom in itself is sometimes more important than trying to find a satisfying night-on-the-town.

    Best to you both…

  2. our hiatus just ended…the only cock in her pussy since Christmas has been the other guys. twice and I have had none..

  3. That is so exciting I love to do males and women who are swingers cuckold such fun, AJ

  4. all like couples should contavct me I travel AJ (Annette)

  5. all like couples should contact me I travel AJ (Annette)

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