How a Cuckold Got Lucky

April 20, 2009

Last night I got some! Maybe it was the amount of alcohol she consumed left her a bit  unaware. The guy Pearl was with said it was a bit creepy just having me watching so I joined in by caressing her. Boy, there was a lot of caressing until Poppy took the initiative and went down on him. It was then that I made my move.

With her head bobbing up and down on his cock and her ass arched high in the air, my cock like a magnet took aim. I tried my best to hold off. I went down on her expecting to be pushed aside and have my tongue replaced with his cock but when that didn’t happen after a long while instinct took over and I had to slip my cock into her. ecstasy!

It wasn’t long before I was replaced but the memory of that feeling has been refreshed. I did get to slide my cock in again while she was riding him straddled and bent way forward. Yes, two cocks feeling the pleasures of her sweet pussy at the same time. Two cocks in one pussy is a feeling best left for description in a future post. It can be hard to maintain but well worth the trouble.

We all fell asleep at about 5:00am

Waking up was hardest. I woke up too early with daylight pouring into our windows and a rock hard cock. I put a pillow over my head and started drifting back to sleep but not before I felt the bed gently nudging back and forth and soft whispered moans emanating from behind me. They were sneaking in a morning fuck while trying not to disturb me.

He made her cum and left shortly after with her lying in a hungover heap beside me in our bed. I tried to make my move like I did last night but she wasn’t having any of it. “To Sore”. It looks like things are back to normal. She could see how hard I was and gave me a wank with her hand for about 90 seconds and said, “cum!” I did.

By the way: The guy was really nice. He thanked me a number of times for sharing her with him and also told me I was a really lucky man.

I am luckier than he thinks.

One comment

  1. so he did not want you watching but did not get creeped out when two cocks entered her warm wet pussy all at the same time…dp of two cocks in one wet puss is so hot…yes difficult but totally worth the effort

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