May 6, 2009

I’m more than willing to support Richard’s cuckold kink because what it means is that I get to keep “dating” and enjoying sex with other people. I am basically living the best of both worlds, having my cake and eating it too, if you will, and I know I’m damn lucky and that most people won’t understand.
I would expect even less people to understand cuckoldery with it’s element of humiliation.

So far it has meant that we have not partook in a “real” cuckold experience. Looking for someone to be involved usually requires dancing around the word “bull”, I would prefer not to use it because the assumption is on a dominant male, not my type.

Until then I continue to lock up my husband on nights I go out to and tell him all about it when I get home.


  1. well said well said

  2. Lettuce says very much the same thing, about having her cake and eating “him” too. haha

  3. Hmmm… you see I never thought of “bull” to mean anything dominant. As far as I’ve always thought and experienced the hotwife is the dominant. She is in complete control of both men. The fact that she enables the bull and enjoys pleasure with him is wholly her choice. Bull is just the name… just as not all cucks are sissy boys!

    If you would enjoy someone in that role you should select someone who meets your requirements. If dominant isn’t your thing then you design your bull as you need him and select him accordingly. At the end of the day a bull is just “an extra guy” how you dress him up and include him is completely of your own making. It’s actually quite illuminating that you think of a bull as dominant, when in fact the type of bull you select is wholly your choice! if you’re uncomfortable with the term then change it. My current hotwife calls me the “boyfriend”. It’s more pleasant on the ears… and implies further still that this is completely of her choosing and I am merely a temporary addition.

    Keep on keeping on 😉

  4. I will feel so lucky to find ONE BEAUTIFUL & WONDERFUL WOMAN. IF she wants sex with others, I don’t think I could be BIG ENOUGH FOR THAT.
    I would just feel that I’m not man enough to sexually satisfy her…That hurts. Like when a girl I “took out”—if you want to say that, anyway—asked me to drop her off at a gas station so that she could meet another guy.
    MAYBE the Buddhists would call this attitude of mine “self-cherishing”?
    Why are so many people entrenched in traditional Christian monogamy, even though they are unhappy? Are the people who give their wives such open sexual freedom unfeeling sociopaths? HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS “RIGHT”? CAN EACH COUPLE FIND THEIR OWN ANSWERS, REGARDLESS OF WHAT OTHERS MAY THINK?

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