This is not news

May 22, 2009

This week in our local paper I read a column on how to deal with infidelity (I’m guessing it was space filler) but one nugget of interest was the stated statistical percentage of couples who “cheat”, 80%.

Now I’m thinking, if 80% of all marriages and committed relationships are effected by infidelity then it’s high time we took a look what’s really not working.

Just saying.



  1. Seriously, I have a lot of female friends and every single one of them has confided in me at one point or another that they’ve “cheated” on their husband or boyfriend.

    Of course, in some cases it wasn’t “cheating” per se, because the dude knew about it, but in a lot of cases it was because she figured her partner would freak out.

    Despite the cliche of men being dogs, however, I do have a bunch of male friends who insist they’ve never “cheated” on a girl.

    All of which makes me think that in some way women are hard wired to seek out other partners at some point during a long term relationship, while dudes often get lazy and happy with their single partner.

    It’s also probably true, however, that women get more chances to cheat with hot guys than dudes get chances to cheat with hot girls.

  2. Women are hardwired to not cheat but the pill and more women in the workplace have altered the circumstances. More women probably cheat now than before. I also think that there have always been plenty of women cheating. After all, all those guys who were cheating were cheating with women who may well have been cheating.

    • Au contraire, there has been much more research suggesting that women have biological inclinations to seek out multiple partners “ensuring that their eggs will be fertilized by the strongest sperm.”
      Token quote courtesy of Sperm Wars.

  3. I find it interesting, if not a tad unsettling, that the original post did not specify gender yet the ensuing comments responded with gender-typical roles.

    • I was only gender specific because it’s a blog about cuckolding.

      I wasn’t trying to judge, particularly since I’m a fan of female infidelity.

      • Ok, fair enough *lol*

    • My understanding is that women have a much stronger biological need to be unfaithful then men do, so I’m not surprised that the commentators are talking about female infidelity. What’s sad is that society stigmatizes these perfectly natural impulses.

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