I never have to worry about my wife cheating

August 22, 2009

cuckoldcouple3-770268I am horny tonight and was thinking I might get a little something. You know: A little marital bliss. A hand job or the opportunity to go down on her while she messages her ‘friend’ or a fleshlight fuck or something. But she wants to have a shower and go to bed early. It’s all because a close friend of ours is coming by to hang out with us tomorrow. He has a giant penis. Need I say more.

I am a family man with a hot looking wife.  She wants to save it up for hot sex with another. At least I know I am a cuckold. I wonder how many men think their wives are just fridged? “Going out with the girls tonight honey, don’t wait up” Here, read about this poor guy. His wife cheated on him while he was away. He actually questions if she’s done this before. What about the guilt she feels?

The truth is, women like variety. It’s only thousands of years of society that have held us to the “good girls don’t do that” line of bullshit. Most female sexual abstinence has been implemented by a male dominated world. Even to the point of  being in denial about it – like buddy in the link (and all the people commenting). No one could ever suggest to him that living as a cuckold might be an alternative even though if he did, he and she would live happily ever after. Oh the relief it would bring.

Tonight I happily do as so many of us cuckolds do. I wank with her happiness in mind. When she desires me to be her man, I’ll be there for her because I can. I am not emasculated. I am still a man – a leader even – bringing home a good living for us. I am a cuckold man who knows it.  And it’s nice to know I am part of a community of cucks who have accepted this as well.


  1. your posts although to infrequent are excellent. this was no exception. You understand cuckolding so well and I think your lovely wife does too. thanks for the post, always look forward to them

  2. I agree with bdenied. I am always glad to see a post come up. Great writing about an enviable relationship. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, your wife and your well-endowed “friend.” If they get together, please share your feelings. Thanks for a great blog

  3. Your wife doesn’t always put you first,maybe she never does,at least sexually.Its sad though that it appears she has no lust for you and only for others.Spirit,soul and body,variety for her while if another woman ever came on to you,would you even notice lol.When you fuck,its just sex,so unless a partner has an alterior motive,jealousy shouldn’t be a problem. Why would it be,yet so many times a wife is so possessive of her husband that it can be a problem.Short end of the stick,yeah,i mean you have your fetish, yet when you just wanna do what comes natural,you would get turned down due to someone else.

    Over the years,a wife’s sexual attraction toward her husband can wane while still loving him.Of course,maybe you get sexually satisfied much different than most other men.

    No,you aren’t a wimp,just weak and intimadated but hey,being submissive and probally voyeuristic,eventually a whole new avenue will be revealed with the right person.Passive, a “Yes Dear” man is just like the controlling patriachs that used to be potrayed on TV so very often.

    A womans’ turn ons for her man are decisevely different than what a man desires for his wife.Some husbands,like you,are turned on by his wife fucking other men and feel the need to hear what happened,while some “reclaim” her.Some men only go by the motto”the more women the merrier”,with no desire for any other men to be involved.My gawd,for some forsaken reason,
    many women would love to see their man with another man.What a absolute disgusting idea for a straight guy.
    You can cook,clean,wash,prepare and also be able to have your wife enjoy you fucking her.Being married is more than a friendship and if thats all it is ,well you’re missing out. Unfortunately,what your wife gives to others,you don’t get the same by a story.It doesn’t appear,in your case,that if you don’t get it at home,you’ll get it somewhere else.Man you’re missing out.

    You don’t always have to assume the same role every time and you can say no.


    • Hi JMHO, welcome to our blog and thanks for your comment. It’s great to have comments from those not into the lifestyle. We’re not here to educate, just document. Let’s make it clear that this only documents our “cuckold” experiences. Our life is much larger than what goes on here in this blog.

      With that in mind I am taken aback by your comment I am “weak and intimidated” since you really don’t know us. Who or what I am intimidated by you don’t elaborate on. I won’t respond to that. My wife will, I’m sure.

      What I will say is this: There are so many ways for us to have sex, many different ways to get sexual satisfaction. From spiritual tantra to “normal” missionary style to having my wife getting banged doggy style from another while she has her arms wrapped in an embrace around my neck whispering how much she loves me in my ear.

      My post was documenting our work around for sexual denial from the wife. This type of denial is common among married couples although the reasons are not clear. Our reason was clear and it seemed worth writing about – so I did.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  5. First of all, it’s great to see you post again. Next, I’d like to say that I am encouraged by this post because it gives us so much more of a community feeling and security by looking at it this way. I know that even though my wife hasn’t cuckolded me yet, she definitely hasn’t cheated on me. She knows that I’d love to hear if she did.

  6. Great site and I thought you two might enjoy our site as well. Just amateur couples posting pictures for free and hearing what others have to say. Hope to see you there and I have to say I am a fan of your blog. Keep up the good work.

  7. Good read and good article. We had a referral from you probably in your twitter feed and I thought I would say hello and let you know I enjoyed reading the blog. Keep it up. Thanks

  8. Wonderful posting, helps so much to see we aren’t alone. My wife had affairs I didn’t know about, and I wanted to be submissive and didn’t have the nerve to tell her. We finally both opened up and worked it out. It took me a while to come to terms with it, but it helps to see how happy it makes her.

  9. Well, I would like to know some detail about this statistic : do men or women cheat the most?

    I still believe the reasons for which man cheats on his wife, are different from those making a wife find another man.. who can be an ex boyfriend, a man whom she loves, or an ideal man for her.. not just a simple sex buddy stranger.

    I like whole the blog.. your sincere and simple words are just hot!

  10. I would like to know some detail about this statistic : do men or women cheat the most?

    I still believe the reasons for which man cheats on his wife, are different from those making a wife find another man.. who can be an ex boyfriend, a man whom she loves, or an ideal man for her.. not just a simple sex buddy stranger.

    I like whole the blog.. your sincere and simple words are just hot!

  11. I always enjoy your blog. We’ve been reading it for a long time and it’s good to see you posting.


  12. Nice blog you have here!

    I know, it is hard to be submissive at the beginning (it was for me atleast), but over time you get better and better.

    I was worried about her getting pregnant or her falling in love, but now i see, that it is and always will be HER choice. I can onl either agree and stay or disagree and go!

  13. I’m not the best looking guy in the world. So I have not had much sex.
    But the idea of ASKING my wife to have sex with another man—This hurts too much. It really does.
    How do you do it? This is a great mystery to me. I would find this to be heart-breaking.
    On the other hand, I have to give you this point: this is much better than having your wife have sex with other men behind your back.
    Maybe we need some deception so that we can fool ourselves into believing that we are happy? At least that’s what Friedrich Nietzsche says in “Beyond Good and Evil”: Supposing truth is a woman, what then?

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