From the email Bag: I want to sleep with other men but I don’t want you to sleep with other women

August 12, 2010

We got an email. OK, we get lots of email. We try to answer it as best we can, that is, the stuff that doesn’t go directly into spam (Which I discovered is quite frequent). I asked this person if we could post their email here. Which they said was fine, as long as I didn’t include the email address. Keep in mind, we would never post your email address or name.

So here’s the plan: A new category called “Email Bag”. Because most of the emails we get are asking advice we thought heck, why not try and answer some of it here where it benefits everyone reading. We’re not professionals and don’t pretend to be but we have our experience. Here is the first installment. First the email, then our response.


The material on your blog rocks. It’s helped me understand my feelings a lot. Thank you!

My wife and I are seriously talking about opening up our marriage. The entire time she has said, “I want to sleep with other men but I don’t want you to sleep with other women.” I said, “Yeah right” until I read about cuckold. To my surprise this really turns me on. I’ve done a ton of reading (and jerking off thinking about it) and I’m sold. However the idea of not sleeping with other women, while she fucks other guys just pisses me off. How could you give up fucking other women for this? I mean it’s hot but it just seems like to high a price. Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated. Personally, I think your answer would be a great blog post for your site. It’s what I was looking for but didn’t find.

Thanks for your time in advance =)

Richard’s Response:

Most guys who read this blog would give their left nut to be in your position. Am I right guys? If there ever was a time to comment, here it is. Let me read it again just to be sure. Yup, your wife wants to have sex with other men while you remain faithful to her. I don’t know where to start. How about; You lucky bastard.

If you have been jerking off over the thought of cuckolding and cuckolding is about not sleeping with women while your wife plays around then it’s cuckolding you want. The alternative (you sleeping with women too) is called swinging (yawn). Swinging is something you’re not going to do with respect to your wife’s wishes. So I guess cuckolding it is!

I wanted to say, just try it her way for a month. but then realized that would be mean because once they start there’s no stopping them.

The fact it pisses you off sounds like a normal reaction to me. In fact, I’m willing to bet that if you tried swinging she would end up with more guys than you would women to a ratio of about 10:1. Women always have an easier time getting laid than men. Does that piss you off? It does me. It would be great to be a big bull alpha male landing ladies (including other men’s wives) all the time. In my earlier years the thought of any girlfriend sleeping with another was enraging. Looking back I recognize it as ego. Oh the fun I could have had if my ego didn’t get in the way. I am going to suggest this might be what you’re battling here.

The reason I can admit to not being a panty removing alpha male today is because my self esteem and self worth have replaced my ego. I have found an erotically charged passionate place that has her and I madly in love with each other. I am her best friend and she is mine. I love looking after her and being her main man and rock from which she can explore from.

Besides, if we were all so OK with cuckolding, would it be erotic anymore?

Pearl’s Response:

Good question. Richard’s response sounds like he’s telling you to suck it up and be grateful. Bullshit. He’s just amazingly lucky that he finds it kinky that I sleep around…

But honestly, in the beginning I had a difficult time with the idea of dear hubby sleeping with other women, it took me years in fact, to get over it. In the meantime we played with others together or with pre-approved scenarios (designed with keeping my feelings from being hurt in any way).  So I understand, BUT, just as I came around I think you’re wife might as well. It will take some time but I wouldn’t give up hope. After all, nothing is constant in life expect change.

I’d caution not to push it to hard though because that might make her even more protective of her self interests, if she feels they are threatened by your desires.

Oh, and now? I have had to take matters into my own hands, since allowing dear hubby to sleep with other women he hasn’t been able to find anyone  on his own who would be willing!
All I need is for someone to take him off my freakin’ hands for a night or two and get him out of my hair!


  1. “Oh, and now? I have had to take matters into my own hands, since allowing dear hubby to sleep with other women he hasn’t been able to find anyone on his own who would be willing!
    All I need is for someone to take him off my freakin’ hands for a night or two and get him out of my hair!”

    Love that last line. 🙂

  2. That was a really fun post

  3. Probably this blogs greatest blog post around..

  4. Well, it normal for a guy to feel some what jealous, if his wife is being screwed by another guy, especially if the guy is bigger.
    We have been married 8 years 5 of those enjoying fit young well endowed studs.

    It all began from a drunken agreement between my husband and I one night, about who still had the ability to pick up someone, and if it came to it who could even get into bed with them?
    I thought that maybe my husband just wanted to screw someone, the thing is I picked up a guy and before that flaunted a bit with a few more, the trouble was my husband didn’t maybe because he was too drunk or tried too hard.

    It came to the end of the night and I felt a little frisky and said quietly to my hubby, dear this guy has a huge cock pushef against my leg most of the time we were dancing, I think I want that fuck we had the bet about, his reply surprised me, well you kissed him so I’m not going back on a bet. I think he still hadn’t given up on hooking up.
    Well we ended up back at home, hubby was in the kictchen I went straight up to our room with this young stud, nipped downstairs to my surprise he didn’t find anyone?
    I asked any luck, he said no, but I see you did. I said do you mind, surprisingly he said a bet is a bet.
    I said honey he has a really big cock and I actually think I want it, he said what will I do? Jokingly I said you and listen for the Halway, if you are descrete you can watch and if you want you can jerk off, I was so surprised when he said really do you mind.
    So off I went for one of the best nights of sex I ever had.
    This has been may hubby’s sex life with the past 5 years and he loves it!


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