Accidental Cuckoldress

January 5, 2011

I am a cuckoldress because my husband makes me one. I am a cuckoldress because my husband sexuality stems from being submissive, being humilated, used and “cheated on”. CH is admirable true to himself. He knows what he likes and what he wants and he lives authentically. He likes, he needs, to be cuckolded and he married someone who likes, needs, to have sex with other people. Win-Win situation right?
Except it can be frustrating to meet someone I can’t wait to knock boots with and then have to include CH. I have to adapt my extracurricular sex life to this new lifestyle. Even if it’s just in small ways (pun intended) like locking him up before I go out or telling him about it when I get back.

This also is why I am a cuckoldress. I would be fucking other men regardless if CH accepted it or not.  When I do it generally has nothing to do with my marriage. Just me. I am gloriously selfish and demanding when it comes to my sex.  This is where CH is truly cuckolded, is he not?

I am finally coming to terms with my place in this kink. I began this relationship knowing that my husband was kinky and an amazing fuck. We did everything; spankings, bondage, strap-on, wrestling, flogging etc. I knew I could count on him to work me over if I needed it. Now, well, now he’s locked up when we go out which is ironic because he usually has the most beautiful cock in the room. Oh, the lost cause lol

So now I’m a cuckoldress not just because my husband is a self-identified cuckold, not just because I sleep around regardless of his feelings but also by choice.

Coming to terms with this lifestyle has been trying at times but nowhere as near as difficult as trying to find a “bull” that I actually feel comfortable with. The search continues though, wish me luck!



  1. This is truly a wonderful post. Honestly.

    All the little subtle aspects of the cuckoldry dynamic are fascinating, and as you mentioned, often very frustrating.

    My husband also turns me on, in the ways you mentioned. His passion for me, for my pleasure, is a huge compliment, which drives the ego, which helps to drive my sex drive, to want to humiliate and deny him even more. And yes, he also has a huge and beautiful cock, which I love fucking. But if I have sex with him, which I do sometimes, and it is wonderful, it sort of “ruins” the cuckolding kink.

    So its almost like by doing a tease and denial “routine” I am teasing and denying myself almost as much as I am denying him. Sometimes seems totally insane. 🙂

    And that makes it even more twisted, and hot. The more I want to go out and date other men, the more I want to deny “cocky” (my nickname for him). The more I want to deny him, the more I want to have sex with him. Maybe I should either drink more, or see a shrink. 🙂

    Anyhow, again, a wonderful post that really gets my brain churning. Thank you.

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    I envy your ability to translate denial into sexual excitement. When I’m denied I feel like a 12 year old who had their allowance taken away lol

    Do you find that you need to find men with “better” cocks than your husband’s for him to get off on the experience?

  3. He gets off on my pleasure. Its my body, mind, habits, urges and actions that “do it” for him in this regard. 🙂

  4. well, then doesn’t that make more straight than kinky? maybe dominant (vs perverted, in it’s latin, original sense) but nonetheless straight personality. what would you sqy about that? wouldn’t freedom expect you around the corner as a single woman satisfying her needs rather than in a married couple? just asking, not implying you give up your actual situation etcetcetc)

  5. My wife and I have developed over the years into a sexual pattern that could be termed cuckold. At first she was just plain horny for other men even though we had sex daily or more. Once she had a few other men her desires changed and she wanted more such as having me watch unknown to the other man. Then she wanted me to lick up cum and eventually she wanted me to participate fully in a mfm situation. Her favorite position is doggie style with me under licking her clit. I have become an expert cock sucker. It has never been about denial of sex for me, actually she is even hornier for me after a session with another man. I think we are going into a phase where she will have a few partners that come on a regular basis. What i find surprising is how many men want to put their penis in my mouth

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