A Real Cuckold’s Experience of Love and Intimacy

March 26, 2012

There are many ways to make love to your wife and be denied sexual intercourse. I’m not talking the usual pussy licking either. Nor am I talking about all the selfish cuckold sex acts like ruined orgasm or strap on sex on him or the humiliation of fucking a blow up doll with your wife and bull watching. All good fun things to do but doesn’t do much for her in the orgasm and intimacy department.

For relationships to last there needs to be loving intimacy. That intimacy needs to be shared between you in the only way the two of you make that happen. It can’t simply be re-created with another person or porn. Intimacy isn’t a turnkey event to get YOU off. It’s a shared experience with pronounced volleys of give and take like a hot sweaty game of tennis were both players are hitting every shot.

The last time we made love it started out with tender kisses. We were in a private sauna, our bodies hot and glistening and tender kisses soon turned into devouring love bites all over each other. My hands were all over her as were hers on mine purposely avoiding my hard penis.

My hands cascade down onto her. She’s so wet that two fingers easily slide in. My mind knows that this is because she has been having a lot of sex with other men, (reality? I’m not sure) I get harder still, my penis waving in mid air untouched. I go down on her and she likes this but pulls me back up so we are face to face with my fingers sliding back in her.

This time all fingers slide in and soon she is thrusting for more. A quick addition of lube and my entire fist slides in. I am fucking her with my fist while suckling her breasts, her hands on the back of my head gently holding me there.

Let’s step outside of this for a moment and take a look at what’s happening. I am fucking my wife and my wife is being fucked by me in a full and satisfying way. We are doing it a way that contains loving and caring intimacy that only we know about in each other. Think about it. So what if it’s not my cock entering her. What if my cock was the size of my wrist? Some men are.

Back to the scene…

Jumping a head about half an hour after using my fist like a mock strap on, pretending to be that man with the hand sized cock; Doing it doggy style with one hand holding her thigh like he would and giving both of us  a beautiful, loving experience, she finally came.

Now I am so hard. Knowing she preferred my fist to my cock is mind blowing. Knowing we know that we both like this intimate and loving. She volleys her intimacy and continues the love making. She pulls me on top of her, reaches her lubed hand down to my cock that is down near her sore and swollen pussy. Then ever so slowly, pushed my bare bottom with her other hand gently allowing my cock to fuck her stationary hand that is ever so loosely wrapped around my solid cock.

We kiss deeply. I pump her hand like a mad man – like a cuckold husband – I come.

Now as we lay in a hot sweaty heap on the floor I realize that this is cuckold sex people don’t write about. There was no big black man or a cage in the corner of the room. There wasn’t even a pair of panties. It was us. Our experience.


  1. Like it. And well worth posting!


  2. I’m curious. How long has it been since you had intercourse?

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