Mail Bag: Should I take care of the baby?

March 27, 2012

This is one of the many emails we get. Thought I would comment on it.

Hi yeah, I frequently get the urge to get cheated on. Impregnation is one of my better fetishes involving this, but humiliation and submissiveness also come in. Is this normal? should I allow a partner to become pregnant then make me care for the baby? Should I? Please and thank you.


Tylor, I don’t think any one should play sexual games where the outcome involves having a child as part of the turn on. This is best left as fantasy. It’s it normal? I think a lot of men have this very same fantasy. It’s OK to leave it as such.

Let’s be clear…

Males have been helping their wives raise the offspring of other males the world over since the beginning of time. It wasn’t until genetic testing discovered how frequently this take place that people started paying attention and writing about it. Is there a piece missing in the great book of sexual psychology? Maybe. Perhaps the beta and alpha male theory involves the role each take in the cycle of life.

I for one will always take responsibility for the life created between my wife and I no matter where the sperm came from. That’s who I am.


  1. What happens if the lover wants to be involved in the child’s upbringing and wants you to have a limited roll. He might want you to have no relationship with the child based on your LS

  2. I enjoy this talk about macho men and alpha males etc, most whom are just all hot air and all about what makes them look the more successful. I have dated a few of those in my time.
    However if you find the male that respects his woman treats her well and thinks of her first, girls is that not what we want?
    I am married many years now and have three kids. My husband is a very successful manager in a company, I have seen him in action there and he takes no bull@&!t from anyone.
    However when I get home he treats me like a queen, and our famy are first and foremost with him, since the last one has gone to college we have a lot more time together.
    When we met we were so compatae and we both knew we were made for each other, in e wry way but one his penis is tiny and sperm count very low.
    We tried many ways and treatments to have kids but no success. Until one night we were watch a sec scene on a film and must have obviously seen my reaction to the guys large penis. To cut a long story short he asked me would I like to have sex with a guy with a big cock as he felt he couldn’t satisfy me.
    So it happened, to avoid the fine details this began with always using a condom to me finishing him off orally.
    Then it got more erotic, when I had cum my husband would finish him off orally.
    Soon after it happened after some indept soul searching and conversations that any of us weren’t getting any younger and would we try to have kids this way. So after a few months trying I fell pregnant, hubby always wanted to be part of it so he cleaned me up orally afterwards.
    That’s my story if you to chat rita.hickey1@hotmail.com

    • Of course I have no way of knowing if you are a real person or just one of the many people on line who are making up a life experience, but something in your posting made me feel you were being sincere. It would be wonderful if there was a place where those of us who stumbled into this “lifestyle, Perversion, or happy solution” so many different definitions for the same thing and all of them seem to apply at different times.

      I also am married to the man of my dreams, we have built a life together with hard work and deep love for one another. when we first became aware that we were not able to be Parents in the tradional way, we both became rather deeply depressed. we considered adoption, and for me that would have been one way to accomplish what I needed, but my husband was honest about his feelings, he didnt feel he could give the love and affection to a child which wasnt his in every way, he had always wanted to be a part of “OUR” pregnancy. we couldnt afford In Vitro at the time, as it was very expensive and we were just starting a business and a life. so we just simply dove into those things we could do. As we became more and more affluent we began to take vacations and spend more time enjoying just being married to one another

      We met another couple who were into the swinging lifestyle and we agreed to investigate, although we never did partake, we discovered a lot about ourselves. First My husband proved to himself and to me that he was not by nature jealous of other Men, and we also discoverd that I was by nature EXTREMELY Jealous of other women.

      That proved to us that Swinging would never work for us. then one fateful night we were on vacation in Aruba, we were both heavily intoxicated and somehow I ended up on the beach with another man.

      I was so full of guilt the next morning, that I found myself unable to keep the secret from my husband and confessed to him everything that had happened.

      I expected him to explode and it could have easily been the end of our marriage. but he didnt react as I expected him to. it was totally the opposite.

      A few weeks later we discovered I was pregnant. I offered to get an Abortion but My husband would not allow it he said he had never been happier, four years later we repeated what happeend that night, with the same result. we now have two beautiful boys whom my husband and I both adore with all of our hearts, our oldest is in the business with my husband and our youngest is in Law School. We both feel blessed. I can only say this is what happeend to us and we have no regrets.


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