boyfriends vs bulls

April 7, 2012

I have a boyfriend.  A serious one. I also have a fuckbuddy, he’s  young, cute and hung. And, as of last month dh and I have become involved with another couple. Yes, I am having lots of sex, lucky girl that I am 😉

The only snag in my little castle-in-the-sky set up is that my dear, sweet, denied husband doesn’t feel cuckolded by any of the other men. Now why is that? Is it because they aren’t big strapping men? Is it because he feels mentally and emotionally superior? Or is it because I’m attracted to genuinely all-around nice guys who it’s easy to be friends with? I think the latter has more to do with the case at hand. From this assumption I come to two interesting observations; it is difficult to find a bull if you aren’t looking for a “Bull” and my husband’s cuckold experience has A LOT to do with the other men involved.

I’m not attracted to traditional Bulls. Be they the American “mandingo” or the Dominan- Sir-Daddy-Manly-Man-Man which is what you find if you stand at the top of the hill yelling “Bulls, looking for Bulls here!” (i.e. posting a CL ad). More likely, if you mention cuckolding at all, the majority of responses one receives will be from other cucks. Thanks, I have one already.
I think that there must be other words, other codes and signals to use, to attract the men who don’t know about cuckolding, or consider themselves part of the scenario, but are kinky enough that they would fall naturally into the role. They’re far enough removed from the stereotype to avoid wearing the role like a heavy mantel but close enough to “get it” and play along. I want to meet those men. The ones who will play with me, a naturally dominant sensualist, and my cuckold, a masculine sissy and have a lot of fun doing it. I guess what I’m getting at is a bull who doesn’t take himself to seriously. That has to be possible, right?

As for my husband’s inability to see my cocks (heh) as bulls, well, I don’t know the answer to that. Nobody said I was, or we were, perfect 😉



  1. I have enjoyed this blog since its creation. Very well done. Thank you for your thoughts and telling us about your feelings on the art of cuckolding.

  2. Hey Pearl, hadn’t checked back in a while, and was about to give up but soooooo very glad that you are back. Appreciate the post and glad to hear everything is going well. You’re an oasis of real views on real cuckolding in a desert full of fantasy. Keep up the great work!

    • Why, Thank You!

  3. We use the term BULLFRIEND to describe Brett. Agness my wife wears his Claddagh ring when we are together. Our videos are all over the internet. Just use cuckold, and their names in your search engine.

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