Special Lovers

May 20, 2012

DH is gone for the long weekend. I’m going out to the local fetish dance party tonight with one of my lovers.

He’s late.

This irritates me because I want to get laid before we hit the club so I can come. Not after when I’ve had a few beers and enough adrenaline in me to throw of my climax-meter.

There’s something special about finding that relationship built on really, really mind-blowing sex. The type of sex that causes a Pavlovian pussy clench response when I start receiving text messages weeks later to plan another date. It’s worth treasuring. I hope everyone gets to experience pussy-clenching, cock-throbbing associative relationships at some point in their lives. It’s better than drugs. It is a drug.

I’m ready to go. I have my over night bag packed; corset, fishnets, condoms and pump-bottle of lube included. My hair and nails done and a recent bikini wax, to boot.

If hubby was here I could sit on his face awhile to kill time.

Waiting, like this, is torture.


– Pearl


  1. I’m a husband of cuckhold couple. Pretty exciting to watch my wife pick out her clothes, paint her nails for one reason! She has an afternoon date with her lover.

  2. It’s a exciting moment to savour, isn’t it, witnessing the preparations.
    – Pearl

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