Something Emotional

June 25, 2012

Ever cried during sex without being in distress?

Last night my boyfriend came over and spent the night. It was only the 2nd time in 4 years he’s been to my house (I kicked hubby out for the weekend) and it’s been two months since we spent any time together naked.

It was amazing.
It was amazing because our relationship has become comfortable enough that I’m not constantly worrying about my breasts sagging or saying something stupid. It was amazing because I had him in my room where I’m used to being in charge. He was a spider in my web. It was amazing because we did things we’ve never done before.

All this amazing culminated into one glorious moment when, his hand inside me, I thought I was going to come but I cried instead.
That’s never happened to me before.

Hubby is still out of the house. I’m glad for that because sometimes a women needs to sit in her own emotions, to feel and honour them, before sharing them.

I’ll enjoy this memory for a few days before I start preparing for the weekend.

On Saturday I have a date with my special lover. Expect another post 😉

Until then,


One comment

  1. I am late to this party,, what a beautiful letter….

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