July 6, 2012

In our area of the world there are a fairly large number of kinky meet-ups but none for cuckolding. I wonder why that is?

If you’re a rigger (into rope bondage) you can go to a rope meet, if you’re a swinger you can go to a swing social, if you’re just kinky somewhere along the spectrum there are various munches to attend.

I think it’s because self-identified cuckolds  fit into other categories easily enough. As specific as it is, the kink of cuckolding can be quite accommodating! If you’re into spanking you don’t go to a rope show but if you’re into watching your wife get fucked by a stud, well, you can go to a D/s group, a swing group, a sissy group or even just the bar!

I was recently able to attend a nearby city’s  first ever cuckold meet-up to show my support and I’m certainly glad I did. My cuckolding is not the same as your cuckolding and the more I learned from everyone in the room the bigger my mental “toy bag” became.

And let me say, there’s something special about being surrounded by others like yourself, of understanding and acceptance.

Our fetishes, or sex in general, aren’t something we talk about with others openly. We compartmentalize that specific part of who we are and only open the door in the bedroom or appropriate venue so it’s nice to air out the ol’ closet every now and then.

Is there a place for people in the cuckolding lifestyle to meet and talk where you are? I’d be curious, and happy, to know!


My little online-store, The Cuck Shop, is coming along nicely!
I wanted to do a little promotional offer for the people that have followed our blog. An acknowledgement of thanks, so to speak, but I’m not sure what that would be. Any suggestions???


  1. What’s the link to the shop?

  2. I’ll post it as soon as it goes live! 😉

  3. Great idea. I was thinking also of creating a kind of shop/store with the name ‘Cuckshop’ (or Cuckstore). But now i see that’s already there. Pics above are spot on, the peep-toe shoes and the keys for chastity are arousing. Like it.

  4. Why did you stop blogging. Come visit us: mysexlifewithlola

    • This is a good question. Mostly because I moved away from being a cuckoldress somewhat in the last little while and I didn’t feel right posting without authenticity.
      BUT, I am coming back and I have to posts in the works 🙂

      • Well, you could explain why you “moved away” – the curious want to know.

        Thanks for responding.

  5. I think I will 🙂

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