January 24, 2013

I’m looking for a Bull. Or am I?

What is a “Bull”?
I found this definition from Cuckoldmarriage.info to be quite useful:


Some find the term offensive, focusing only on the implied reference to an animal, but if you consider the role of a bull in agronomy, you’ll earn a greater appreciation for the term. Among livestock, the bull has a singular purpose: mating with the females. This role lends itself well to cuckolding where the ‘bull’ is invited into the marriage to perform a singular role of sexually servicing and being serviced by, the cuckold’s wife. Bulls and Doms can coexist for the same couple quite well as each have a slightly different focus to their roles.

I especially agree with the separation of a Bull and a Dom (even though they can be the same person) because I don’t want a dom.
I’m a domme. I want an equal.

My husband on the other hand wants to see me with an Alpha Male to fulfill the humiliation aspect. This is important because if he doesn’t feel submissive to the male I’m sleeping with then he’s not really being cuckolded, is he? He’s just being a good poly husband. My husband gets his rocks off from knowing another man is besting him, not from knowing his wife is.

This is interesting because out of all the people I know, I am the most Bull-like. The fact that I’m a woman unfortunately negates the effect I produce on cuckolds 😦
I get off knowing I’m fucking another man’s wife and I like to think I’m doing a better job of it, so much so that I will go out of my way to let them know while in flagranti 😉

My task this month was to come up with the wording for what I’m looking for so that I can avoid, as much as possible, being inundated with offers from men to “fuck me like the deserving slut I am while my sissy husband watches”. Please, no. Wrong tree to bark up.

I’d much prefer a response along the lines of “I’d like to wrestle you between the sheets while pointing out to your sissy husband that he needs to thank me for taking care of his duties that he’s obviously unable to keep up.”
That would be hot.

Maybe that’s exactly what I have to say….



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