an intro scenario

February 9, 2013

“While cuckoldry is a fairly specific description, like most things in life, there is an infinite number of variations on that theme.”

I was corresponding with a potential playmate in our scenario (see what I did there? I avoided the use of the word “bull”) and the above was something he mentioned before asking what my ideal scene would be. That’s a good question.

I don’t have an ideal scene because I haven’t explored all the different variations on the theme but I do have an ideal intro scenario.

My priority is to establish an agreement of trust and respect with the men in the room. Until I feel comfortable knowing my dh won’t be actually disrespected or degraded I remain vigilant and can’t relax into back arching orgasms.

With that in mind I prefer first times to be fairly simple. Me and my new playmate wrestling in the sheets while Richard watches from the corner, maybe naked, maybe not, maybe being reminded of what’s happening and why, maybe not, but definitely being helpful by fetching whatever is needed, be it water, hot towels, more lube etc.

This scene allows me to get a feel for comfort levels, natural inclinations and compatibility.
From there the next scene is tailored to suit all involved and if things are simpatico the sky is the limit really!

What’s your favourite scene? Or, what’s your favourite intro scenario?


One comment

  1. The best scene for me ever was the time she was alone with the guy but had him call me on his cell which they left on the bedside table so I could here them.

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